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Thread: How long she 6 month old stay awake?

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    Default How long she 6 month old stay awake?

    I'm just curious because up until a couple of weeks ago DD could stay awake for about 2 - 2/12 hours before going down for sleep. Now she can last at the most 1 1/2 hrs but usually 1 hr when she is showing tired signs. Is this normal? I don't mind putting her down cause I like to watch her signs so she doesn't get overtired but still... seems like a short time - i thought it was meant to get longer?

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    She might be having a growth spurt so needs lots of sleep. But I think you're doing the right thing ... just go by her sleepy signs and if she needs to sleep, then let her.

    They change all the time! My DD sometimes only wanted to stay up for 1.5 hours (especially after her first feed) but could then easily stay up for 3-5 hours until I worked out that when she looked VERY active ie. trying to grab everything in sight that actually meant she was tired.

    So I think go with the flow, she'll probably be different again next week.

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    Are they tired signs, or boredom signs ??
    I find Sam gets grizzly and fidgety after some play time on her mat, or sitting in her FP swing....i have to change her scenery and give her new toys to play with - she gets bored !!!!. Sam cannot sit up unsupported, so obv cannot crawl, it must be frustrating for her seeing all whats going on around her and not being able to explore, touch , feel.....sorry, rambling now.

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