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Thread: How old when your bub started to sleep thru night?

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    Well Gemma and Teagan sleep from about 7.30 to 6am but at least one of them will wake during the night. They only started sleeping that long at about 3mths old.

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    Madison slept through from 12 weeks old 9:30-6:30am and then she would go back to sleep again, and when she was about 8 months she would sleep 6:30pm till 6:30am.

    Charlotte is very different she went through a phase around 6 1/2 months where she would sleep 12 hours at night, then she started waking once, then twice and then it was getting up to 4-6 times a night, for feeds, cuddles co- sleeping. We just got home from Rosebud mother and baby unit, and when we were there she was sleeping 8:30-7:30, and then we got home last night and she woke at 1:30am, I just gave her dummy back and re-settled her and Charlotte slept until 8:30am this morning.

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