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Thread: I had to laugh...

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    Default I had to laugh...

    earlier today, DS was in the bedroom mucking around by himself, and because its such a rarity, I hopped on BB for a while. Then he started crying, and nearly screaming his head off and I'm thinkin - god what has he got into now....

    He crawled into the kitchen still going off his brain... and it sorta looked like he was chewing on something? So I start to panic a little and fished a white thread thing out of his mouth - and I wanted to know what it was, so like a normal mother, smelt it.. hmm.. smells like toothpaste...

    I'm like.. how did you get to the toothpaste?? Its on the bench... so picked him up and went investigating...

    hehehehehee.. he had gotten into some really strong chewing gum, which made his breath all minty fresh!!!

    GOD his mouth must of been burning!!! hahaaha!! Ahhhh... that was my laugh for the day....
    (I'm a mean mum I know.. but will teach him for shoving just anything into his mouth!!) lol

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    LOL! you should have taken a photo for his 21st!

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    Awww, i couldn't help but have a giggle.
    Silly little fella!

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    Gotta love em, and it's payback time (LOL)
    It's amazing what they can find and get into, I find when my 3 year old's in his room playing quietly he's always upto something!!!

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    Hehehe... I know we shouldn't laugh, but it is funny!!! Zavier took his big bro's tictac's, the extra hot ones, and ate one. He was running around scratching his tongue trying to get the "burny" off!! I asked him later if he wanted one and he said "no, luck luck" meaning no, yuck yuck!!

    I bet he wont steal gum again!!!

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