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Thread: I have 10mth old twins with the 3rd on the way!

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    Default I have 10mth old twins with the 3rd on the way!

    Could someone please help??!!! I have 10 month old twins with the news of the 3rd on the way. I want to know what pram I should look at getting. Currently I have the Mountain Buggy twin pram but it doesn't accomodate a toddler seat. Any ideas??

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    dont know how $$ but i saw one the other day a lady had twins around 14mths a a newborn google charriotcarriers

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    Fantastic - thank you so much. I just had a look at them and they seem really lightweight which is a great thing! I'll send them an email re: cost.

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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!


    there is also now the adventure buggy company (NZ based I believe) who do weird and wonderful combinations of twins and toddler seats etc (ebay and own website). Valco twin also has a toddler seat for the front that you can get.

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    I think its the bertini double jogger that has a toddler seat option too.....ive seen women in the streets with them. Or it could be baby love......not much help am i, but defn seen them recently.

    Good luck hun - what an exciting time....

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    Thanks so much girls. I only became a member on the other day hoping that I could get some information!!! You guys are fantastic - and it's so lovely to know that you can get other Mums opinions.

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