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Thread: I'm Going Crazy

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    olderdad Guest

    Red face I'm Going Crazy

    My daughter is currently teething and it is driving me crazy, not only is my daughter unsettled and grumpy so is my fiance!
    Any ideas on how to cope with two tempremental women in my house?? :eek:

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    LOL breath.... just breath to get through it & say "I'm so sorry you have to go through this" alot

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    Hi olderdad. You are surrounded by women aren't you, you poor thing! You should be used to riding out PMT so I guess this is the same thing! Here are some tips:

    Firstly for your DD - different things work for different kids. Try bonjela, homeopathic teething drops, panadol if you think it's needed. Also give her lots of things to chew. Some of the best things are cold - you can buy teething rings that go in the fridge so they are cold. Others put wet flannels in the fridge for their littlies to chew on. I've also heard that it's good to let them chew on orange peel, but get organic oranges to make sure there's no pesticide on it.

    For you DF - I think some TLC might help. Also anything you can do to help around the house would be greatly appreciated I'm sure. If all else fails how about a stiff drink - for you or her!! Good Luck!

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    HI Olderdad, Teething is tough, but as the girls have suggested some great ideas. As for your DF maybe make her up a book of vouchers to use at her lesuire, like "Weekend Lie why I take the baby for a walk", "coffee with a girlfriend while I babysit" "bath or shower on my own in peace and quite", just stuff like that so she knows that she can have some time out.

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    tiggy Guest


    The other girls have made great suggestions. I would suggest lots of cuddles for both women and an understanding ear for your DF. It's hard looking after a sad baby all day, sometimes just a cuddle and a debrief can work wonders.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Corey???hehehe just kidding.....I swear though my parnter Corey could have posted this!! He has Gemma whos teething and a toodler and Jasmine whos a newborn and cried for the hell of it and then me going absolutely nuts cause both girls just want me!!Argh!!!

    Just be understanding and try to help her out as much as possible. Maybe surprise her by running her a hot bath or something........My bad mood would melt if Corey did that for me!

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    *Kristee* Guest


    HAHAHAHAHA i caught you out.....
    If you would like me to be a little less stressed, take some ideas from the lovely ladies on here...
    Didn't think i would find you did you, our daughter in the sig is a give away

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    LOL Kristee, I wondered if you'd find this post!

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    LOL - dude - next time re-register before posting and use a different username...

    In all seriousness, I'df sugegst getting your little one fed, changed, and dressed in something comfortable at around sleep-time, and then put her in the pram and walk her as far away from the house as possible, for as long as possible. Give your DF some recharge time.

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