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Thread: Jealous 3 year old

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    Unhappy Jealous 3 year old

    Not sure what to do. My eldest DD is 3 and I have picked up that she doesn't want anyone to share my time except her. If someone else tries, she is on top of me (literally!) in a split second. I had a friend over this morning and DD was all over me and wouldn't listen to my calm requests to sit down or go and play with her toys. I said she could read a book next to me but then according to her, I had to read it. She didn't stop with, "excuse me mummy" (so she's polite, I'll give her that ). We send her to her room to sit on her bed for a couple of minutes when she is really over the top to which I had to resort to this morning (sometimes she can be the most obedient disobedient child ever as she went as soon as I told her too! ) However, as soon as she was out again it was the same thing.

    I am trying to keep in mind she is 3 but it certainly is draining. I don't even know if there is an answer to this....but if you have one, would love to hear from you! tia!

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    I suppose for a 3 year old the whole universe is about them isnt it ??? LOL. The whole world revolves around them, when they want a drink, they want it now, when they want a book read to them, they want it now. I suppose as they get older the whole concept of 'waiting your turn' is all new to them. Theyve never had to wait before....(as a baby...) you were there all the time, when they screamed, cried, someone came....Their little minds must be thinking 'why should i have to wait, i want it now?'..... To them the whole world is your home, is you, is her dad....nothing else matters. I dunno, but i have experienced this with my now 4 year old. She was like your daughter....and even now, when im on the phone, will ask me (politely) to help her unscrew the lid of her glue , with absolutely no care in the world that im on the phone....I must admit she has gotton better with time. I simply explain to her that mummy is doing something and as soon as i finish i will help you with whatever.....

    Personally i just think she is doing whatever normal 3 year old does....thats my opinion anyway.

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    charlyfrog- I fully understand what your going through... i'm bout 25 weeks preg and have a 3 y/o son... ATM he's so clingy, sooky, needs my attention 24/7.... its so frustrating. I'm trying to teach him that bubs is comming soon and he'll have to share mummy (also trying to kind of distance myself from him a bit as he relys on me for everything)

    Even DP cant hug me or sit next to me without him punching him or squeezing inbetween us... Think it must be a faze cos preschool told me that alot of the parents are complaining bout the same thing.
    I'm trying to make him more independant, giving him special instructions, giving him more occuplying things to do, more complicated art stuff, puzzles, games, etc then having an hour or so one on one time with him then he naps and when he wakes i give him something else to do... Its slowly working but taking a long time...

    I figured when bubs arrives i'll be able to get him to help me get the nappies for changing, get a book to read to bubs etc... things that make him feel useful but independant at the same time...

    Good luck

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