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Thread: Juggling the dinner/bath/bed routine

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    thanks for all your responses, they've been very helpful!

    Rhyb- you must be supermum! I struggle with getting one organised sometimes, you are doing such a wonderful job!

    Last night I tried having dinner early, I was making pasta so started at 5.30 and it was ready by about 6 so we all sat down and ate then, then gave DD a bath and she played a bit while I cleaned up. i think I just need to give her an afternoon snack a bit later because she was starting to get a bit grumpy! I think that's the way to go though, DD was having 2 dinners because she would have her own at 5.30 and then be picking stuff off my plate when we sat down for dinner later! Probably not a good habit for her to get into. Lol

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    sorry I have a helper here, so not often do I do things solo, could If I have to.
    with an almost 3yo, we can only bath after tea, otherwise he would need another bath before bed I aim for tea between 5.30 and 6 and frankly don't care If that's the time i have to eat. If DH isn't happy with that he can eat later, but I try to time it with him being home from work so we can be a family.
    Right now i'm on mat leave #2 is 3 months, so I try to do as much prep earlier in the day as possible.
    Bath is as soon after tea as possible, then bed at a similar time to what you said.

    Until i went on mat leave DS used to always have his tea and bath after 6pm, because of work. he would normally be given a late arvo snack at creche between 5-5.30 (eg dry biscuit / fruit)

    Now that your DD is getting older you can start to let her feed herself a bit and she can eat more of what you are eating etc, so it will get easier and you won't need to seperate tea times.

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