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    My DD is 7 months and she has started to find her way around her cot (on her back and tummy, she cant sit up yet). She is waking up in the middle of the night with a leg or arm, pking out of the cot, between the slats. Is there some way i can prevent her from poking arms and legs through the slats... I dont have side bumpers as I was told its not good for SIDS.

    Any suggestions????


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    If you don't want a heavy cot bumper, could you get a thin piece of gauzy cloth and put around the sides, similar to the mozzie netting? that way she won't be able to get her arms and legs out, but still be able to draw air if her face is against it kwim?

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    Jovi is doing EXACTLY the same thing. Worst was the other night when we all went to bed that hot, but sometime during the night a cold snap crept up and when she eventually woke me up I found arms and legs hanging out and she was freezing! Took a lot of cuddles in our bed to get her warm again poor little bugger.

    We don't have bumpers either. The thinner cloth sounds ok ...

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    what about a sleeping bag??? that would keep bubs warm and also it will be a bit harder to get their limbs out of the cot bars.

    i remember many a times my 1st dd at around the age of one used to call out for me in the morning and she would be sitting in her cot with her arms and legs dangling out very cute lol.

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