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    Default Making a play mat

    Iíve decided to venture into the arts and crafts and make a play rug for Olivia because I just canít find one big enough or what I want to buy but having never done this before I have a quick question.
    I want a mat for our tiled end of the house so I can keep an eye on her when Iím up that end of the house. So what Iím thinking is making the mat 3 x 3 metre patchwork mat with lots of different colours and textures to make it fun for her but I want to pad it with something so if she over balances she wonít hit tiles with full force but a little bit of padding.
    My query is what can I use to pad her mat which is relatively flat so she can balance, crawl and roll on it buy a normal sewing machine can get through it.
    Any suggestions ladies?

    Thanks in advance,


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    That is a fantastic idea Shannon. Like making it like a doona cover so the rubber can be replaced as needed.

    That's great idea.

    I'm off to spotlight while I'm inspired.

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    Mt friend made something similar for her daughter (but also put cord around the edges so she could just put it together with all the toys inside for easy cleaning up and easy enough to take out with them to friend's places). My friend used the same stuff they use inside doona's for the filling.



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