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    my 6 week old has dots all over her cheecks, ears, neck and top of her chest and back. the doctor said its milia, or milk pimples which is quite normal. however, i thought these onlym occur on the face? also they can get quite red when she cries or is hot, is this normal?? i hope they clear up soon.

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    DS got this too, in fact he still gets it. They actually look like scattered little pimples... He would even get a couple on the tops of his fingers. They seem to be worse when its hot, so may even been heat? I have been told that it is hard for newborns to adapt to temperature change. It most likely is normal, perhaps just get a few more opinions just to clear your mind. I hope they dissappear soon

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    Milos got worse until about 8-9 weeks then dissapeared.
    they were mainly on his face, but als on his arms, legs and torso, not as many though.
    I got quite upset because they seems to appear anywhere I had touched him (he even got them on the side of his head where he rested against me when he was feeding)

    After 9 weeks they cleared up quite rapidly, he still got one or two but not the 100's that he had previously.

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