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Thread: A moisturizer for baby skin...

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    Ivana, I have some medi honey, which i use on my small patch of excema, so i can give that a go, but I found for me it was a little irritating, I have extremely sens skin too
    I know that miessence is a great product, I have used it on my skin and was it was quite refreshing... a little tingly tho....I think I have some samples somewhere.....I will give that a go.
    Now the question is which to try out first LOL!
    I'm sure I can come up with a solution to his problem skin, using one these products! I will let you know how it goes....
    Thanks again for your replies!

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    Not all sorbolene contains mineral oils, I have one that I think I bought from the supermarket, the brand is something like "natural organics" I think. I noticed my son didn't like it when I put J&J's sorbolene on his rash (looked like it was stinging him) but he doesn't mind this other one. J&J are full of chemicals, fragrances etc. and we won't use them on the baby. Or even on ourselves! Re Gaia, you can contact them to request samples. We have done that, as we bought the massage oil for us to use and each time my back started itching unbearably! So before buying any more I want to try them out. I think it becomes a matter of trial and error, every one is different and what works on one bub's skin may not work for others.

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