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    Default Need some help!!!

    Not sure where to post this but today i am not doing so well.
    I think i am neglecting Alexander and his development.

    It all started last month when Alexander had his 6month health check and she was asking about him passing things from hand to hand which i know he can do but he wouldn't do it for the CYN.
    We got to a group session called Kids N You run by social workers linked to the Women's and Childrens hospital. When we went today a worker was testing to see how well Alexnader is doing and was trying to get him to roll, sit up and reach for things. When she finished with him she said he needs to be on the next stage of his delevlopment and that i need to do more with him. I always beleive that they shoudl play on there own not all the time but most of it as i did the same with Kimberley and she is very inderpendant (sp?) also i don't want to not be able to leave Alex with anyone.

    Next week we have to go back to the CYN to check how he is doing and do his 6 month health check all over again.

    I am now sitting here thinking i am a really bad mother and i should be doing more for him. I keep trying to tell myself that all babies do things at a differnet age but it has now been twice someone has picked up on it all.

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    Kameron only started rolling constantly and only sat up unaided himself in his 6mth. Lachlan never sat unaided till 9mths!! As you said all kids do not follow a "manual" so I wouldn't let it get to you too much. Check out Age of Baby's Firsts to see when other kids were sitting unaided etc.


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    Hey Michelle

    Firstly *hugs*!! :hugs:

    Like the other girls have said - babies all develop at their own rate. The bubs in my mother's group are all so different. One of the 4 months old babies is doing more than one of the 7 month old babies. Go check out the "Age of baby firsts" thread like Kathryn suggested - it's a great reassurance to see how different they all are.

    Don't let others make you doubt yourself like that! I know it's easy to say (I doubt myself all the time). You're a great mum!

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    IKHYF as Mason hadn't even rolled over at 6 months. I was freaking out as he was the only one in our mothersgroup that hadn't. Once he got the roll he was quick to crawl, and stand at the couch etc. He was walking at 12mths.
    Angus was rolling at 4 months but then didn't walk till he was 14mths.

    My Dad didn't walk till he was 2!

    They are all so different and do their thing in their own time. Please don't stress about this too much you're doing a great job

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    Hi Michelle,

    I felt a bit like you with Maggie's 4 month visit. She was not rolling yet (the only thing she was not doing). I did not know that I was meant to be actively encouraging her. I thought if I gave her floor time, she would work it out. Well she did work it out for herself, every time I got involved, she got upset.

    Maggie was "ahead" in other areas, but no comment was made on those so I just ignore them now. She will go at her own pace


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    Thanks everyone for your replies it has made me feel a lot better.

    I know deep down Alex will do these things and Kimberley never rolled over and she didn't crawl for long she loved to stand and walk. So maybe Alex is going the same way she did i have told them that as well.

    But it does hurt when they keep bringing it up all the time. I have an appt with the CYN next week so we will see what she says about it all.

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    Michelle - i really agree with the others. I dont take Hendrix to the MCHN either - i dont agree with their opinions on things so i just get him weighed at a pharmacy and get him checked at the GP (mind you my dad is Hendrix's GP so i can ask anytime). Hendrix still does not roll either!! He is just not interested but on the language side of things he is really advanced. He can sit leaning on his arms for a couple of seconds but then topples over. Im really not that worried though as i can see he is active on the mat puts his feet in his mouth, stands when supported etc. I think your mother alarm bells would go off if there was something wrong - Trust your instincts!!!

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    Well today Alexander has been rolling from his back to his belly and back again.
    He is also trying to crawl when he is on his belly.

    So that lady didn't know what she was talking about it was just taking him a little longer than some.

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    WTG ALex!!!!

    I tell you what the CHN are so irritating!!

    Im sure your doing a great job Michelle !!

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    Urrggh @ MCHN's!!!
    I'm so sorry you were made to feel inadequate Michelle.
    Gabby still isn't rolling and she's 8.5 months old! She just hates rolling. If I put her on her back, she cracks it. If she ends up on her tummy, she'll play for a little bit but will not roll over! She did roll for a little while around 4 months but now she prefers to shuffle around on her bum.
    They will do it all in their own time! (this goes out to you too, Fletch). Don't let the stupid "norms" stress you out. I've certainly had to let go of a few of them. In the end, they all end up walking and talking and driving us batty - we'll rue the day we wished it on them

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