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Thread: Night Terrors

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    Roudysmum Guest

    Unhappy Night Terrors

    Is there anyone else whos child has these, ds is 3.5 and has them all the time, I know there is nothing i can do i just thought someone migh tbe able to share their experence

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    morgan78 Guest


    Hi Roudysmum
    They are dreadful, they get sooooo upset.

    My DS had them for a little while, we could tell the time by them as they happened at 3am every morning for about a month - absolute hell as they started 2 weeks before DD was born.
    We found that cutting down the amount of TV he was exposed to during the day has seemed to help - my mum & stepdad were living with us at that time and stepdad would have the TV on from 6am - 11pm everyday we also started buying glowsticks for him and he helps activate them and connects them up and they provide a nice soft light in his room.
    The other thing we did was to remove additives from his diet - this was also as he was starting to have nasty tanties.
    He has had one or two since and that may have been also due to him getting too hot or too cold.
    Hope this helps.

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    kajolo Guest


    Hi Roudysmum,
    My son is the same age as yours.
    It seems as though he went through a stage of them last year for about 6weeks, it is so sad seeing them so distressed
    I just sat with him gave him lots of cuddles, and i did buy a nightligt which is plugged into a poewr point and is a sensor one so it turns off when it is light.

    Just recently he has started having them again although they seem to be worse, it is taking me alot longer to calm him down, he is getting more distressed.

    I will be intrested to see what other parents have to say in this thread as i am in the same situation.

    I hope that your sons night terrors stop soon and to you i know how hard it can be to see your child so distressed.

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