thread: Not rolling yet - time to worry?

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    Apparently I never rolled - I can now though so I wouldn't worry too much hun.

    I agree: STOP worrying!!! Celeste spent a lot of time onthe floor. She loved lying around looking at stuff, waggling her legs about but not rolling. She spent heaps of time on her tummy too and still she didnt roll.

    Just checked her health records, C was rolling front to back by 6months but not back to front till around 7months. Health nurse noted it but wasn't worried about it. She was commando crawling by 8.5months and up on her hands at 10months. Ok, not the earliest but well within normal limits!!! If Sam's adjusted age is only 3months you have several months before you need to worry about that.

    I have a friend whose bub didnt roll till around 8months, she didnt sit till about 10months, not crawling till 13months but walking at 15months. Not saying Sam is a late starter but just goes to show it doesnt mean everything he does will be late.


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    BW - DD rolled a couple of times at about 3.5 months... and then seriously didn't do it again for months!!! She never regularly rolled until she was about 18 months and making a game of it. She just didn't see a need to. Mind you, she rolled in her sleep - such a wiggler! I didn't worry because I didn't think too but if you are concerned, you could chat to your MCHN. but TBH, I wouldn't think it is an issue yet. They all do things differently and there is a big difference in not being able to do something and not wanting to (as was DD's case).

    HTH and hope everything else is going well!