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Thread: Now I can't sleep at night

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    DS (nearly 10 weeks) is not a good sleeper- I classify a good night as 3 hourly and even then he very rarely (like never!) settles after 4am or 5am. Problem is he just had a week of not settling after 2am ish. This has seriously stuffed up my body clock and now I am WIDE AWAKE in the middle of the night and not even feeling sleepy until 5 am- just the time he is generally waking up with wind. Last night I could not go back to sleep after the 1am feed even though DS slept soundly until 4am. I tried relaxation music, counting sheep, counting backwards, breathing techniques, reading, hot chocolate. I am going insane. What I need is for him to do a long sleep even if it is the early part of the evening- not these piddly 3 hours. Dreamfeed does not seem to work. My DH helps out a lot but if I don't get some decent sleep at night soon I am going to self combust!!!! I get to nap sometimes during the day but even then most times I am finding it very hard to actually fall asleep. I have never experienced insomnia before- have always been an excellent sleeper- so you can imagine how I am not coping!
    Anyone else had this drama? What did you do to help you sleep again? ps- DS is breastfed.

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    Sleep deprivation is no fun. I have some ideas that might help, might not, so pick and choose what you like, and I'm sure others will be along with great advice too.

    When I had pregnancy insomnia, I found that the Brauer's Insomnia Relief spray worked (I was pretty skeptical at first), don't know why or how homeopathic stuff works, but it did, and that was all that mattered. :P

    Can you express a feed, so that you can sleep through and get 6 straight hours while your dh gets up and bottle feeds the expressed milk? That unbroken sleep will make a big difference.

    Something my dh does is bring our bub to me in the bed, so I still have to wake up, but I can feed from bed while dh snoozes, then he takes bub back for the nappy change and bed again.

    Can you bring your bub into bed with you? That way you can at least catnap perhaps?

    If worst comes to worst, go see a dr for help to sleep, which might at least help reset your body clock. All the best, that Brauer's stuff was the bomb for me when I was going crazy from being wide awake til 6 in the morning. Doing feeds in bed makes a big difference for me too. Let us know how you go!

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    I went from a great sleeper to a poor one! However the ability to drop off to sleep has come back and DD is only 4.5 months old. The first time she slept for 6 hrs straight I was wide awake in bed the whole time. I just couldn't sleep! Very frustrating and anxiety promoting (Know what I mean by this?). Thankfully it has passed....and I sleep better now.

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