thread: Opinions please...unwell or teething?

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    Opinions please...unwell or teething?

    I think Nicholas is unwell, but everyone says he's teething. Regardless, we're off to the Dr today at lunchtime, but I just wanted opinions from mums!

    The last two nights he has had a high temp. Two nights ago I thought he was hot and grizzly because it was so damn hot, but he stayed the same even after the cool change, so I took his temp and it was 38.5. I felt so guilty! I gave him some panadol, which helped. Last night he was grizzling in the night, which is unusual, so I took his temp, 38.6. Gave more panadol, it took awhile for him to settle down.

    He has been off his food since yesterday, and is sleepy, although finding it difficult to sleep. Just wants LOTS of cuddles, which is fine (although I think my arm might fall off LOL).

    Any thoughts? We've never experience teething or sickness in this household, I'm a novice!

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    Found this on a paediatric website. So agree to go to the DR. HTH

    Teething and Fever
    Does teething cause fever? Most experts will tell you that teething does not cause fever and definitely does not cause a high fever. It may cause a low grade fever though, especially on the day that the tooth actually erupts, but when it doubt, don't blame your child's fever on teething, especially since it could be a coincidence and your child could be teething and have another illness causing the fever.
    In addition to a high fever, such as above 102 F, teething is not usually thought to cause diarrhea, a decreased appetite for liquids, other types of rashes, or a cough.

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    Best if you take him to the Drs to be on the safe side. I passed off teething as a reason for Caleb having a temp and after 2 days of screaming got him to the Drs and he had an ear infection. The Dr told me that a temp over 37.5 isn't due to teething!

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    Sez, Lily has had slight temps when she was teething too. She also pulled on her ears alot so I took her to the dr. He said it wasn't her ears or throat so it was probably teeth. But best to be safe than sorry. I hope Nicky is better soon. Oh by the way I find Nurofen (ie:Ibuprofen) better for teething than panadol and it lasts longer for them.

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    The Dr says it's a virus. No ear infection or anything, which is good. We just have to wait for it to run it's course. Yesterday evening was AWFUL, he just screamed and screamed, but no high temp last night, which was great.

    He also said that a temp that high should not be dismissed as teething, there will always be something else causing it.

    Thanks for your help girls

    BTW Kellie, what are you doing on here, you naughty girl Get back to work LOL.

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    Hey Sez. Natty had a similar thing when we went on holidays - she was lethargic with a fever for about two days. I was so worried about her! She just wanted cuddles and to sleep. She ended up with cold-like symptoms after about two days of the fever, and a cough that hung around for a while.
    I really hope Nicholas is feeling better soon and back to his normal self.

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