thread: Petrol Stations

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    Aug 2003

    When Ashlea was younger I would always take her in with me, but now that she is older she understands the "can you wait in the car while mummy runs in and pays?" and sits there happily, as long as i can see her clearly while inside. I was worried when she was younger that she would freak out and cry being left there by herself.
    I always lock the car to pay regardless of wether she is with me or not.
    We used to always fill up on the same day, so Wednesday was "petrol and pop (icey pole) day" She's sit there waiting like an angel cause she knew she was getting an icey pole.
    Now I dont mind if she wants to come in cause she unclicks hersellf, comes in, and clicks herself back in the car and its all easier than when she was younger.

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    Feb 2004

    I've got to say I wondered about this myself and we try to make sure that DH gets it when he is out and about.

    Thankfully we have a Mobil which is pay at pump, I think they are a great idea. I had to get petrol on Friday and the Mobil one was the dearest in our neck of the woods - $1.16 a litre! I was the only one there - needless to say, it's worth the little extra money not having to worry about bubs.

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    Jan 2005
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    i too am guilty of leaving eliana in the car while i pay for petrol - i have central locking & make sure i have the right money & if there is a queue i walk up & tell them what pump number & leave the money - mostly i try to get it when i have my mum in the car with - i have even had the armaguard man watch her once - he was asking me about my personlised plates (while the other guy was filing the atm) & saw my baby in the back & he said he would watch her while i went i paid - figured she was pretty safe locked in the car with him watching!