thread: Question bout my DD's poo

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    Sep 2006

    Red face Question bout my DD's poo

    Hi All!!

    I dont normally like talking about my DD's poo but I am a little concerned with her last nappy change.

    I didnt put DD's nappy on properly and she got it everywhere!! So I changed all of her and when I put on her new nappy, she did another poo. So I pulled her nappy off to change it and I saw that her poo was a little globby and also had a few teeny specks of blood in it.

    Should I be concerned and seeing a doctor or keep an eye on it and see if it happens again? DD has a little bit of a cold and she may be teething too...


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    Jun 2007

    Could the "globby" bits be mucous? When my DD was alot yonger (under 6 months) i took her to the Dr with strange poo and was told that it was mucous from her cold he said because she couldnt blow her nose or clear her throat etc she was swollowing it and it was passing through her. I'm not sure about the blood etc but if your worried take her to get seen to JIC.

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    Oh it did look kinda like mucous. I didnt think about that!! Never would have thought of that either. Thanks Nat

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    I would just say it was mucous too. And the blood maybe from a tiny tear on her bottom from the pooing. The tear could be so small that you wouldn't be able to see it too. Of course if it does become more and it is concerning you take her to see your GP.

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