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    Just layer bubs up. My DS was a Melbourne winter baby and he wore a singlet and a long cotton newborn nightie that was elasticated at the bottom around the feet (great for midnight nappy changes, no fiddling with press studs) and was swaddled in a flannelette wrap and then had a double layer of cellular blanket tucked in over the top of him so he would feel nice and secure. No polar fleece, it doesn't breathe, save that for walks in the pram. Cotton, cotton, cotton, layer, layer, layer.

    He was however getting out of his swaddle by the time he was 6 weeks old so go for the biggest cotton or flannelette wraps you can get or those cotton swaddles that velcro up. My DS was one of those babies that insisted on having his arms free so instead of buying more swaddling gear I put him in a sleeping bag and kept up the tight tucking in with the cellular blanket.

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