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    Default Shampoo Shield

    Does anyone know anywhere that stocks those shampoo shields to keep the water out of babies face. DD has a shower every night (we dont have a bath) but isnt too keen on the water running over her face.
    I am hoping that a shampoo shield will solve this problem, but i have no idea where to go them from, any ideas?
    (for anyone who isnt sure what I am talking about it is like a foam sun visor that you put on in the shower to stop water/ soap running down your toddlers face)

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    We brought ours from the chemist! (was a godsend!!!)

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    What about some swimming goggles? though that would only be good for keeping it out of the eyes hey! I'll just shoosh up now.


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    we too have this problem as DD2 hates having a bath and shower now as she also hates water on her face but I never thought of a sheld so thanks Ali I too might have to get one of these..

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