thread: Shoes for baby

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    BellaG Guest

    My niece is 11 months and my sister just had to buy her size 5 as she has grown out of her 4. The lady at the shop didn't know what to say :-s

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    LOL! Matilda's in size 5 now.... 8-[

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    katanya Guest

    Well despite my best efforts we didn't win the first prize..but on a positive note there are lots of Robeez for SALE! :-$

    Didn't recognise the winners names from here, anyone know them?

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    Feb 2004

    Where did you see the winners Katanya??

    I'm thinking of buying a white pair for Zander's baptism shoes.

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    katanya Guest

    Got an email from Robeez, it annouced the winners..I can email it to you if you like!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Yeah, what a bummer that none of us won... (although it could have been someone I just didnt recognise the name of!)

    I am so going to get a pair of the ones on sale...

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    Feb 2004

    Thanks Katanya for the email. I actually got it earlier today, looked at the specials & deleted it!! Goes to show I should read properly LOL!

    I don't think that it was anyone from here that won either.

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    Mar 2005
    Carrum Downs VIC

    Sorry I just read your message re Shoo Shoos. Yes I got them from a funky 'rock' shop online. Try doing a search on them in yahoo.
    You will see the rock shop I am talking about. They have pretty cool tops for the bubs aswell.