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Thread: should i be worried?

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    Default should i be worried?

    I noticed yesterday when i was putting Krystals sandals on, that one shoe has like an indent of her foot and toes, where the other one doesnt(well it does but its not really visible, only if i run my finger across it)

    im worried she might be putting more weight on one leg.

    when she was a little bub, the health nurse noticed she has an extra 'roll' on one of her thighs, she wasnt too worried, but asked me to get a doctor to have a look. the doc said not to worry about it. now she is a bit taller, she doesnt really have any 'rolls' on her thighs, although she does still have chubby little legs!

    we only just saw the MCHN about 3 weeks ago, so it will be a while before we go back there, maybe i should take her to her doc, and see what she says. if there is something wrong, id like to get it corrected as early as possible!

    has anyone else had this problem?

    ETA her sandals are good quality Clarks, so i dont think its the shoe thats the problem.. although im not sure!

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    Hmmm...I really don't know! Can you call your MCHN and ask her? I'm sure you'd be able to go back and see her for something like that. Otherwise, like you said, go see your GP.

    I hope it's nothing and just one of those things

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