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    just wondering when we are 'allowed' to give a pillow to toddlers to sleep with? DD is almost 18 months and of late has started wanting a pillow to sleep on. is it safe to give it to her at this age?

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    I gave DD a pillow around that age. I'm not sure what the official recommendations are on this but I have a feeling it may be around 2yrs? Like you I gave it to her because she wanted it and she was in a bed at 16 mths. You can get "junior" pillows that are a bit smaller than regular pillows and quite thin...that's what she has.

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    I gave all 3 of mine a pillow when they moved from hammock to cot......Charlie was only 10 months, Olivia 11 months, and Lexie 12 months.

    BUT, it was their old flattened pillow that I had used for each of them as a breastfeeding pillow, so it was flat.

    AND I also made the cot up with the pillow on first, then the fitted sheet on over the top of the pillow. So the pillow was immovable and there is no way they could find themselves under it, IYKWIM?

    So that may be a solution?

    I am not sure what the "official" recommendation is for pillows: 18 months I think?

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    yeah it is a junior pillow but it is quite soft and fluffy. she has it during the day and at night i have been sneaking in after she is asleep and taking out from under her head (cause she has just started sleeping through too) and that is one less thing to worry about. but it is risky cause she could wake up when i do it! and yeah she has only really wanted it since being in her big girl bed.

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