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    I was considering for Christmas getting DD something to support sitting (she is 4mths), any suggestions?

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    I'm with caro. They are a bit expensive in my eyes for what they are but oh so worth it!!

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    I recently saw the trays for sale at a baby shop here in canberra and also at babies galore if ppl want to get them...
    what age is bumbo good from?

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    A much cheaper option is to use a swimming pool ring. That is what I used.

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    I bought Charlie a couch, one of those ones that the matress folds out & they can lie on it. I found this great as he could sit comfy in the corner which supported him IYKWIM & if he fell forward or to the side it was soft & he has also fallen asleep on it a few times & will be good for a few years. IMO if you are going to spend $$$ on something it's better something that will last & you get good use out of.

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    i am not sure how much it was - i didnt look in depth at it as i was not thinking of buying it at this stage... but yes it is the bumbo brand.

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