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    Question Sleep crawling

    DS is 5mths (and a week) and as soon as we hit the 5mth mark, he was crawling (or doing his best to copy the action). He pulls his knees up, looks around, puts his face to the floor and pushes off. He gets around pretty quickly and goes far enough. However, he's now doing it in his cot too. 3 times in an hour and a half tonight from midnight, he was crying/ screaming for help, but was still asleep, trying to keep crawling into the end of the cot. Other times, he just rolls around and ends up with his head in the corner or face planted into the side of the cot. Or wakes up coz he's freaked himself out by being on his stomach and pushing up. Only did that a few times before the crawling happened. No wait... did it again tonight.

    Tonight, I rescued him from crawling in the corner of his cot and popped him onto our bed (I really needed to pee lol), woke DH up to make sure DS didn't roll off the bed. DS just rolled over and kept trying to crawl! Didn't wake once.

    Now, he's still asleep when he starts crying just needs to be picked and cuddled for a few mins and he's right to go back into the cot. Is there any way to stop him from crawling in his sleep? Or at least to stop himself from getting to a point where he needs help? What can I do?

    That said, I've been up since 130 (now 330) and he's just done it again!

    Any tips or ideas?
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    Hi there

    This sounds quite normal from my experience with Julia who did this to. We moved her to sleep in a growbag so she had covers so she wouldnt tangle herself in the wrap and sheets and she still moved around her cot, which they will do anyway, she still moves around now. I dont think there is anyway to stop them. Does he sleep in a growbag? This should stop him from needing help hopefully?


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    yeah i agree .. its a devlopmental phase ... a gro bag sorted out nix , or we just left him to realise what he was doing , they sort them selves out pretty quickly ...

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    Avaleigh is doing this for over a month and its driving me insane!! It happens in the early hours of the morning and if I dont go and help, Avaleigh whimpers. So I go in and flip her round and she is fine and still asleep. I've tried tucking her sheets in tight but she kicks them off.

    I am planning on getting a grobag soon so hopefully this will stop it.

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    Not sure but we are getting this with the learning to walk stage - he pulls himself up in his cot so he is standing and then very much awake. Last night he woke himself at 7pm and did it every time we tried to put him back down - until 10pm!!!! So sorry not much help but feel your pain.

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