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    I found DD 8mths last night sleeping with her bum in the air and face down on the mattress, she was asleep and all seemed well I was just concerned so tried to turn her head to the side, which of course then woke her up which then I had to feed her to get her back to sleep because she was screaming.

    She is very mobile, rolls both ways and crawling so should I be worried - she has done it a few times lately or just let her sleep that way if she finds it comffy? I have a breathing monitor on so if she did stop breathing I would know but I don't want it to get to that.

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    They look so cute like that but give you a heart attack don't they! Izzy has been tummy sleeping since she was rolling and quite often has her face smooshed into the sheets. She often wakes up with marks o n her face from the sheets! If she is crawling rolling etc well I wouldn't be worried as her neck and head is strong enough to move if she needs to!
    Good luck!

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    Yeh, DD here, often wakes up with impressive marks across her face! She went through a stage of always sleeping with her face flat into the mattrice, but doesn't do it as often now.

    I wouldn't be worried either!!

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    Sorry to briefly hijack but just read your little note Lee - how exciting!! Not crazy at all!

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    Same here. Since DS has been able to roll he sleeps on either his side or tummy. Unless I strap strap him down on his back can't stop it. At least with his face planted in the sheet it keeps his dummy in.

    I wouldn't be worried.

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    Tan- hehe Gotta make life interesting for ourselves don't we!!

    (Sorry Bridee too for the interuption!)

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    Aww so cute! Oscar sleeps like that most of the time so I just make sure that everything is tucked in and nothing else is in the cot that shouldn't be.

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