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Thread: Sleeping problems - 10 mth old

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    Default Sleeping problems - 10 mth old

    Ok for the last 2 or so weeks I've been having trouble with my 10mth old and his sleeping. He use to sleep from about 7pm til 4am have a b/f then go back to bed and sleep til 6:30am. Now as soon as I put him in bed anytime of the day he just screams, so I end up rocking him in the pram (mostly at night). Once he's been asleep for maybe 3-4hrs he wakes up screaming again, so I give him another feed then put him back to bed, I usually have a 50/50 chance whether he will go back to sleep or scream.

    I'm getting so tired lately, last night has been my worst night in a while, he woke at 11pm and I gave him his feed and he was back in bed but 11:20, and he screamed, DH was still up so he put him in the pram and rocked him, he started to calm but by midnight he was crying again, so I told DH to come to bed and I would give him a top up. I did that then put him to bed but as soon as we got into his room he was screaming again. I hate to say it but I left him for about 3 mins to cry then went in cause I couldn't handle it. I ended up putting him back in the pram and rocked him, but he wouldn't calm down even with the rocking. I gave him some panadol at 12:30am cause I wasn't sure if he was in pain to be crying as much as he was, it took me another hour to actually get him back into bed.

    I've got a doctors appt at 12:45pm to see if he is sick, if not then I don't know what's wrong with him and how to get him back into him having a bigger sleep at night again.

    Does anyone have any ideas what's wrong with him or any suggestions?

    hugs xoxo

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    Hi Amanda

    Sorry to say I dont have any solutions for you but if it is any comfort Alexander is the same - he never wakes up "calm", always screaming and this has been going on for months now. We also have had him checked out but the docters say nothing is the matter.

    One thing a few people have suggested to me is that Alex may be having "night terrors". I initially dismissed the idea thinking he was too young but lately I think they may be right as he is a veyr "Active" sleeper IYKWIM?

    Could Cody be the same? I have given Alex a bear to cuddle in bed to act as something familiar if he does wake up unsettled, some nights it helps others it doesnt. Sorry I cant be much help other then that and to sympathise.

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