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Thread: Sleeping Routine - HELP!!!

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    Unhappy Sleeping Routine - HELP!!!

    Hi! My DD is now 8months and we have just come back from 2months in Tas visiting family. Before we went away we were in a great night sleeping routine - Taia would go down for the night around 7pm and only wake for 1 or 2 bottles in the night. When we were in Tas she still went to sleep around the same time and moved to only 1 bottle in the night. Now we are back home (SA) I have to fight her to go to sleep, she wakes up on average 8times a night (starts crawling to the end of the cot or just cries. I try not to pick her up, just wrap her up again and rub her back and she's back to sleep again - or I have to sit there for 10mins and rock her to sleep) and she's back to waking for 2 bottles at night.

    At home she sleeps in a cot but in Tas she was between a port-a-cot and a bassinet. Could the warmer weather be a factor?

    Does anyone have any ideas for me? It's driving me nuts! I find myself running out of patience with her in the night and I'm dead on my feet in the mornings! I thought it was meant to get easier as they got older!


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    Hey Nat, sorry things aren't so good atm. SQ's ideas sound great to me. Also, I know that whenever we go away on holidays Natalie takes a few nights to get her gear together. After the last one, I think it was about a week? Then she sometimes slept through, but sometimes not, then eventually back to normal. I know this probably isn't what you want to hear, but for us it just takes time. Hope you have your lovely sleep back soon!
    BTW, cool that Taia's sleeping got better while you were away! For us it is usually the opposite.

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    Thanks Snacks! She has settled a bit since we have been back but that was a week and a half ago now! lol

    Am going to try a sleeping bag and see how that goes

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    Oh and thankyou to SQ! Thought I better keep you happy and post that even though we msn'd about it! lmao!


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    Ah, LOL! Hope the sleeping bag does the trick

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