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Thread: Slept through night since 7wks but not anymore!!

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    Default Slept through night since 7wks but not anymore!!

    Hi All

    Avaleigh is a great baby. I thought I was truly blessed when she started to sleep through the since from 7 weeks old. She was doing this until about 5 months, around this time she started rolling and was getting stuck, so I would go and turn her over and she would be fast asleep again.

    About 2 weeks ago she had started waking any time between 1am and 4am, sitting up in her cot and screaming the house down. The easiest way to settle was to offer a BF, and then she would go back to sleep.

    Now everytime she wakes she is screaming the house down and she needs me to settle her. She is recovering from a cold, so maybe that is the reason for the screams? People are telling me that she could be teething but I have heard that from 3 months and wont believe it until I see that tooth!!

    Are there anyways I can get her to sleep through the night again or is this just a phase and it'll pass?? I havent done anything different with the night time routine - dinner at 4.30pm, bath at 7.30pm, last breastfeed at 8pm and in bed asleep but 8.30pm.

    Any thoughts?

    OK, got a screaming baby.. she's been screaming since 6.30am She is only calming down in my arms today....
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    Hi Veronica

    I dont really have a solution but just thought I would reply as Tayah has been doing something similar.

    Tayah has been a great bub who has slept the whole night through from 8pm-8am since 2 weeks old, but just over the last few weeks (since she has learnt to crawl), she will toss and turn in her cot, get up on her hands and knees and start crawling, then when she bumps into the side of the cot she fully wakes up and starts crying.

    Previously I could lay her back down, put the dummy in and she would go back to sleep on her own, but for the past few nights I am having to pat or rock her back to sleep.

    I have also been told that she may be teething but like you am yet to believe it til I can feel or see something going on in her mouth.

    Fingers crossed this is just a phase our girls are going through that will pass qiuckly.

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    Hi Ngala,
    My little man did the exact same thing... he slept through from 6 weeks old... then at about 9 or so months he started waking up during the night with that almightly blood curdling scream!! This went on for about 5 weeks..... I was working full time at the time and was EXHAUSTED!!!
    I am not sure if he was picking up on me being stressed working FT and trying to manage the housework, dinner, ect ect.... but as I said it only lasted about 5 weeks........ then it just stopped and he went back to sleeping through .

    Hope that wasnt just a ramble but that it might reassure you that its probably just a "phase"
    Good lukc

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    Now that sounds familiar! I had the same thing with DD - she was a beautiful sleeper and then a monster baby took over my DD at about the 5.5 month mark. It did pass but I'm sorry to say its back again at 9 months. I think its just one of those things you have to expect in the first couple of years. I've been told that when your baby is going through big developmental changes you can expect bad sleeping, and about six months is definitely a big time for change.

    All I can suggest is what I did to get through - accept that you can't change it and that you will be giving lots of cuddles until this stage passes. You might need a few cuddles yourself by the time you're done

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    LOL Sorry hun, but I agree that is just a phase.
    I have found that with dd, as soon so I LOVE the way she is behaving or her routine, she will change her routine for whatever reason (teeth, growth-spurt, ect) and bugger MY routine.

    You will just have to keep your chin up and wait it out.

    I have to add that you must keep a close eye on her. If she gets a fever, or you feel that something is really fishy, take her to the dr. My poor dd cried for a week and I tried EVERYTHING (she did not have a fever) and out of utter desperation I took her to the dr and she had airway-infection So you never really know


    O I hear you on the teething thing!!! I was expecting that darn tooth since she was four months old and it only came when she was 11 months!!!! I think we "blame" teething easy, because we really, really don't know what else to say

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    it sucks when this happens!
    makon was the same slept from 3 weeks until 6 months and i think i could count on my hands the amount of times he has slept through since!!(yup he is 2.5 yrs old now!) he got teeth at 3 months so it wasnt them that caused the issue

    im hoping Arquene will do the opposite!she has been a terrrible sleeper so im hoping soon she will start sleeping through!

    i hope it all settles soon for you!

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    Well it is a little bit of comfort knowing that other mum's out there are going through or have gone through the same thing!! I guess you have just got to go with your child wants and it should pass as quickly as it came!!

    Nadine - aww poor thing. I think Avaleigh is crying mainly cause she is so blocked up still from her cold, but if anything is fishy, we will be at the doctors.

    Oh and she was a MUCH happier baby after we had some time apart (I went to the gym and she was in creche) LOL. Came home and had a major sleep and woke up happy, no tears! And then we had a great play before another sleep. Oh its so good when they are happy!!

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