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Thread: So proud!

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    Smile So proud!

    I am soooo proud of my little man because -

    * he blows kisses to everyone and gives most people real kisses
    * he can ride his little bike around the house!!
    * he has learnt to get down the stairs backwards IYKWIM, sometimes he forgets but he's getting there
    * he understands lots of things we say to him - put your cup on the table please, can you put your nappy in the bin, would you like breakfast/lunch/dinner (to which he runs to the kitchen!)
    * he's learning new words every day - last night my sister came in our front door and called out "where are you" and he responded with "bars-oooom" (bathroom, he was in the bath)
    * he can feed himself with his spoon, most of the time
    * he loves any type of music, from kids songs to anything daddy & I listen to (he was bopping to Eminem at a party a few weeks ago!)
    * he can entertain himself & is happy to play on his own (but also loves to play with others)
    * after trying for months to get him to say "ta" he has come out with his version of "thank you" all on his own
    * his latest words are "peeeese" (please) and "love you"

    Yeah he's not the best sleeper in the world & he does have his naughty moments, but none of that compares with all the fantastic things he is learning every day.

    Anyone else want to share how proud they are of their kids?

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    Aww, yay for Zander! Such a clever little chook!

    I'm pretty proud at Lily understanding more and more of what we say to her. She doesn't say many words(only hello and tickle) but she definatly gets her point across.

    Oh one thing i'm heaps proud of though is that she's learnt how to step into pants while i put them on her. Before she would just lay down but now does it standing. She also loves shoes and always wants to wear them and even tried to put them on herself.

    She also loves to get us our shoes(loves wearing mine too!) When we're going out, she'll go get Jacob's shoes. If he's wearing socks she'll get his joggers, if no socks then she'll get his thongs, how smart is that?! She also gets my handbag and keys. So clever!

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    I'm proud of Paris because:

    ~ She has beautiful manners.
    ~ She is very thoughtful and loving.
    ~ She is a fantastic big sister (she always puts Seth first, and loves to help out).
    ~ She can count to 100.
    ~ She can Dress herself.
    ~ She can Answer the phone with a great phone manner (and take messages!).
    ~ She draws beautiful pictures.
    ~ She is friendly.
    ~ She knows her address, her full name & my full name and who to call in the case of an emergency.
    ~ She knows how to comfort those in distress (including myself LOL).
    ~ She can write her name (thanks for that one Sherie!)

    (I could go on and on.... but thats all for now! I'll just add updates from now on LOLOL!)

    I am proud of Seth because:

    ~ He is such an alert happy baby!
    ~ He sleeps well.
    ~ He has a tooth popping through.
    ~ He rolls over.
    ~ He gives great kisses and when you applaud him he gets all happy with himself (tooo cute).

    Thanks for doing this Sarah, what a great idea!

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    See not only are BellyBelly babies the cutest babies in the world, but also the smartest

    Good idea about updating Cai, I might just do the same thing...

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    These are plan Sarah!! And they make me want to cry..........cos they are so cute.....

    I am proud of Olivia because:

    ~ She talks to everyone constantly and comes out with such adorable statements
    ~ She has an amazing ability to change her facial expressions so she is my little drama queen
    ~ She ADORES Charlie so much it brings tears to my eyes
    ~ She has such an avid saw her using a carboard box as her "oven" and she "went to check on cooking" about 60 times....and I have just found hte box full of things she has "cooked"....
    ~ Her affection knows no bounds....

    I am proud of Charlie because:

    ~ He kisses me by pulling my whole head towards him and licking my face
    ~ He snuggles so well
    ~ He is pulling himself up on all the furniture
    ~ Wherever I am in the house, I can hear him crawling to find me, and when he does his face breaks into the biggest grin
    ~ He laughs his head off at Olivia and the two of them are totally in their own world of hilarity and it is heartmelting

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    Aaawww Sarah, how cute is that? I love it when they learn to answer back to you and start to have converstations.

    I am so proud of Lindsay because;
    - He can now read (I got all teary when he read to me the other day)
    - he can do sums
    - he is very considerate of other people
    - He can tell you exactly how to sow a crop (a true farmers son!)
    - He can be very 'deep' sometimes

    I am so proud of Erin because;
    - She is so eccentric that she can wear a beanie and socks to her knees and not care how she looks
    - She is so sweet and very kind to others
    - She has a great sense of humor
    - She can write her own name

    I am proud of Paige because;
    - She has finally started to talk!!!!!
    - She can ride the scooter she got today for her birthday.
    - She is always ready with a big hug and kiss for you
    - She can get off the trampoline all by herself.

    I could go on for ages... I don't think you ever stop being proud really.

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    I am so proud of my darling boy because:

    - He is so loving, gentle and cuddly to us (and our cats!)
    - He is a whizz at doing puzzles
    - He loves to read his little picture books over and over (especially the ones with vehicles!)
    - He is so into his cars, trucks, vehicles etc, that he knows the different types better than I do!
    - He has such a humerous nature, and loves a good joke and a laugh.

    I could go on forever... I just love him to bits, and in my eyes he is the most perfect, wonderful little boy in the world!
    And I'm sure everyone can relate....

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    Oh such wonderful bubbas!.

    I am proud of my princess because:

    - She hands me the ball when I say " Can Kaitlyn give mummy the ball please"
    - She offers you her head when you ask her for a kiss you can kiss her of course!
    - She waves at everyone and knows to wave hello and good bye.
    - She cant crawl but she can still get from one side of the room to the other in her own special way!

    I could go on and on!


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    I'm so proud of Kyla because:
    - She always has a smile for everyone and is especially smiley when she first wakes up
    - She has 2 cute teeth
    - She says dada, sssss, ssszooo
    - She's great with her hands and touching things
    - She LOVES our dogs, smiles and laughs at them
    - She smiles at the DELL computer add (I have no idea why)
    - Even though she was born so early she has done so well!!!
    Oh - and she makes fish faces and sucks her lips in (DH calls it the toothless old person face..hehe)

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Awwww clever Zander!!
    "where are you" and he responded with "bars-oooom" (bathroom, he was in the bath)
    Just priceless!!

    I think I am proud of Gabby just for being her. She does new and exciting things every day and it just makes my chest stick out with pride!

    She can -
    * Point to her nose and tummy when I ask where they are. We are working on point to her mouth.
    * She gives her dolly's cuddles and says "Awww" when she does so (she even said "baby" once!).
    * When I pick her up out of the bath, she snuggles into me with the towel wrapped around her. She looks at us snuggling in the mirror and says "Awwww".
    * When it is bed time (nap time during the day or night time), if I say "time for non-nighs, she wanders to her bedroom door and taps on it (or walks in and puts her arms up at the cot).
    * She is cheeky and sneaky!! She always has a dummy secretly stashed somewhere so, even when I think I've taken them all away from her, she wanders out of somewhere with a dummy and a cheeky grin on her face.
    * She will try to run away when I try to wipe her nose or dress her. If I stomp my feet on the floor, she runs down the hallway giggling her head off thinking that I am chasing her (even though I am standing in one spot!).
    * She has mastered all the play equipment at one of the play centres so I can sit and drink a cuppa while she plays happily on her own (I know... this is a selfish one... and, don't worry, I can see her at all times, LOL).
    * She will dance when music comes on... sometimes it's just a little bob up and down but other times she goes to town!

    Gosh... I could go on forever!

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    Great thread Sarah, Zanders a very clever boy.

    I will be back in the morning to do my proud post

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    I am so proud of Tehya because :

    * She is such a fantastic talker. Everyday we learn atleast 1 to 2 words that are remembered and used.
    * She can climb up and down stairs with great ease, which is great considering we have none.
    * She will say hello and talk on the phone and not just sit and listen.
    * She tells me if she's done poo. And the other day even went and got a bag for her dirty nappy before I changed her (w/o asking)
    * She tries to wash her own hair.
    * She learnt to float for 35 seconds after only 3 lessons.
    * She feeds herself great and drinks out of a normal cup beautifully.
    * She follows basic instructions.
    * She loves her bubba's and often feeds them booby.
    * She will also go and get our shoes when we are getting ready to go out (who needs a dog )
    * She is very sociable and will often be calling out hello from her pram to strangers in the shops.
    * She loves her big brothers and absolutely adores Noah, she showers him with love and kisses.
    * She blows kisses when someone is leaving the house.
    * She waits in the afternoon for her Daddy to come home at the window and goes beserk for him (so sweet).

    OK an update at 16 and a half months
    Tehya is an extremely chatty little girl (wonder wher she gets it from)
    Here are the words that she can say cleary and at the appropriate times.
    Mum, mummy, Dad, Daddy, Bub, baby, Joel, Noah,ta,no,look at dis(all together),look, bye, bottle, dog,
    woof, meow, Hello,shoe, nana, pop, and just yesterday Jenny (her god mother)

    So roughly around 19 - 20 words already.

    Most of all I am so proud of the little girl that she is. I never thought that I would have a daughter and she is everything I could've imagined and more.
    She is worth every ounce of crap sleep I get with her and then some.I can't wait for her to grow up so we can be best friends, but still I am savouring every sweet moment I have with her as a bub.

    Ok as you can guess I'm pretty proud too. I'll come back later and do a post for Noah
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    abs Guest


    this thread is awesome !!! I can't wait for heaps of those things to happen

    At the moment at 12 weeks Jordy is learning to laugh, smiling heaps and gives fantastic eye contact etc

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    awww this is lovely! I cant wait to be a mum so i can be "proud" too

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    This is great Sarah!

    Danni - I hope you get the opportunity soon!

    I am super proud of Emma because:

    * She is such a happy baby. She smiles at everyone while we go shopping & just loves being around people
    * She has learned to commando crawl. It is cute & she is getting so fast!
    * She shakes her head 'no'. She has no idea of what it means LOL, but she copies you doing it, even if you nod your head, she will shake hers 'no'.
    * She loves her Mummies cooking the best! She much prefers my food to baby food, which is nice.
    * She is so alert & inquisitive. Although sometimes I wish I had a sleepier baby, she learns so much & takes everything in around her.

    I am so proud to be Emma's Mum. I had no idea how wonderful it was going to be. It's great to have the opportunity to brag! Thanks Sarah!

    ETA - Brooke - I so know what you mean. I feel a bit like that with Emma. I don't feel panicked about a routine or reaching certain milestones by a certain age etc, I just feel that she knows the way & will get there all by herself if need be. Well said!

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    Thanks Brooke! That just sounds adorable!

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    Added some new ones

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    I'm proud of Gemma because:

    *shes mine!!hehehe
    *shes such a happy girl
    *shes learnt to give kisses
    *shes knows that socks and shoes go on your feet and will hold out her feet or try and put them on herself.
    *shes walking everywhere....trying to run!LOL
    *she can say mum, dadda, baby, dog
    *she knows simple instructions and words
    *she carries her 'baby' everywhere with cute!
    *she now feeds she hates it when we do
    *she copies me talking on the phone...and is normally talking to dadda on the phone
    *she can push herself around on her little trike
    *she tries to vaccuum!!
    *she waves bye-bye to everyone and loves waving at daddy
    *she LOVES music and bops and dances like shes in a hip hop video clip!
    *and is the most adorable baby ever!(not that I'm biast)

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