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Thread: So... what is motherhood really like??

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    What is it really like? It's great. I love it.

    What are / were you most surprised by? How much I worry about her. How hard breastfeeding is/can be.

    What did you wish someone had told you before you gave birth?? That when you are handed your baby you don't nessesarily feel an instant 'bond'. I remember thinking that she felt like a wet, slodgy frog!

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    Ah, being a mum is great. I was overwhelmed (and still am at times) by so much - particularly by how different life is and by how deep my love for her is. It is a wonderful adventure. Enjoy!

    Bindy: re breastfeeding, talking to people from the ABA I have found really encouraging - there are loads of people who bfed without any issues at all. I had pain for 6-7 weeks, but that was the worst of it. I think if you expect a bit of pain at first, set yourself a goal and work towards that (ie give yourself a chance to get into the swing of it - perhaps about 6 weeks?) and surround yourself with supportive people (perhaps join the ABA?) it is much easier.

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    So much of what everyone else has said holds true for me too.

    One thing it took me a while to come to terms with though was accepting offers of help! Being someone who doesn't like other people in my kitchen or doing "stuff" for me, this was a hard one, but when you are so exhausted an offer of help can make all the difference in the world. Next time I'll just ask for help when I need it rather than pretending that I don't!

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    I'm interested to know whether there is in fact anyone out there that had no real issues with breastfeeding??!
    That would be me Bindy

    No one told me I would need more clothes pegs LOL!! Seriously, baby clothes are so tiny you can fit so much into a single wash that you will end up with no pegs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krisp View Post

    1. With a little boy you have to make sure their little willy is pointing down the way when you put on the nappy or they end up all wet. (went through 3 sets of pj's and sheets one night soon after arriving home from hospital and couldn't work out what I was doing wrong!!!)

    oh, oh, me too me too

    I didn't realise how much I would miss my pregnant belly.

    But I love my little man, and although you know in the back of your mind how truly amazing and special it is every time your child smiles at you it doesn't sink in until the first time.

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    Another one with no breastfeeding issues here. Attachment was good. Milk came in well. No cracked nipples, no soreness or tenderness, no mastytis. I just wish the stuff had stayed in his tummy where it was meant to be rather than all over me and my couch

    I am with Dee and the help issue. I had to let go of a lot of that, especially with my MIL. But I have found that it improved my relationship with her.

    I was lucky enough that everyone told me pretty much everything I would need to know. I guess one thing that I did notice was how much I didn't care about who saw me naked while giving birth or who saw my boobs while ever I breastfed, and any discomfort I felt with doctors looking at my parts before is well and truly gone!

    Good luck!

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    Not sure if it's been said, but babies cry ALOT. No matter what age, alot of them say it stops at a certain 6.5 month old still screams alot during the day, and is going nuts right now not sleeping through etc. Sorry, but it's just my truth.

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    I agree with littlefig on the not caring who saw you naked while giving birth!

    I am really conservative but I even had no worries having a student Dr look on.

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    Wow, I wished I'd asked this question b4 i had my DD! I was so completely overconfident b4 that when it came to the actual thing, I felt I was totally inept and overwhelmed. But i wasn't. Something kicks in eventually. It really does!

    Ditto to everything the other mothers have said. Be prepared to be so unbelievably tired you'll want to cry because it actually becomes a physical pain after so many sleepless nights, but you'll be too tired to cry. Then your body actually does get used to sleeping in short intervals and after a while, you'll cope!

    There'll be times you'll wonder what the heck you're doing and what on earth is happening to you, but THIS WILL PASS. As Robin Barker says in 'Baby Love' (if u only get one baby book, make it this one!!), 'this too shall pass'. Keep repeating that when things get sticky. Also remind yourself that it will get better. It will!

    You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be there for your bub. Those first few weeks are spent just getting to know your child so have lots and lots of patience and be kind to yourself.

    I also have to echo the fact that you become so totally selfless. All the little annoyances u faced b4 melt away and you'll wonder at how seemingly trivial it all was b4 your baby.

    I truly believe mothers are like this whole other species of human. I have so much respect for mothers now. We do EVERYTHING. We keep our families running and still have time to love and nurture our babies. The constant-ness of motherhood can be so scary. You never have a day off from the moment your baby is born, but somehow we cope and better yet, we have the time of our lives doing it.

    Best of luck for March. You're going to do great!


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    Ladies, I have read this thread with tears running down my face.

    You are all inspirational!!

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    within a month you will wonder " What did we do/talk about before we were parents.

    I wish someone had tald me that I would have a deflated belly that wobbled and swayed when I walked for the 1st week, That it's not like the movies you wont fit into your old clothes for awhile unless you are one of the lucky few. You wont know everything, you learn alot with your first but gets easier with the others, If you need help ask if you need sleep, SLEEP !! they will only think you are the funniest, smartest, most beautiful while they are little. but most of all

    ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY they are only this little for such a short time.

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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for all of your replies! I am sure they will be very useful for when the time comes. I just wish it would hurry up and come FASTER... lol

    Thanks again. xox

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    What is it really like? It's the hardest of jobs and the easiest of jobs all rolled into one. It's the most emotionally painful thing you'll ever do, and the most emotionally rewarding experience also. You'll find intensity of feeling you never realised you had.

    What are / were you most surprised by? The paradigm shift from pre-Mother to Mother.... in terms of priorities, amount of "me" time, time available for relationships outside of the family (ie with friends, colleagues etc).

    What did you wish someone had told you before you gave birth?? I wish I was more aware of the huge hormonal/emotional swings that continue to happen after the first few weeks of birth.... who can forget walking into the pharmacy on day 6 post-birth and bursting into tears because the exact tube of nipple cream is no longer available on the shelf

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