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Thread: sooo... three is worse than two......

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    Quote Originally Posted by krysalyss View Post
    Anyone else get this?
    Yes. DS told me he wanted to cut off my boobs the other day. I was pretty angry (in shock I think).

    But I think they talk about killing and cutting at his daycare - for some reason He hangs out with the bigger boys.

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    Oh good - I am soooo glad I am not the only one. Our 'terrible twos' were actually really lovely - I loved 2!!! I found 18 months until just before their second birthdays challenging but DD1 was a great 2 year old and DS is also proving 2 is wonderful. 3 on the otherhand ... oh boy.

    I am so sick of hearing 'why?' to everything. I don't answer it anymore unless I think it is genuine, I usually just ask her back 'Well, why do you think it might be?'

    I think stubborness is the other thing that drives me nuts (I should really call it 'determined' rather than 'stubborn' ) - She wants to do everything without any help and all hell breaks loose if I try even if it is not possible or too dangerous for her to do it on her own. It is doing my head in. Everything from trying to put on her own seatbelt (which I wouldn't mind, but near enough is not good enough with seatbelts, I have to fix it if it isn't plugged in properly) to wanting to pour her own water at the dinner table (which I let her do but if I forget that she does it herself and do it for her ... God help us all).

    I am so relieved it is not just other people who are finding 3 a bit more challenging. Having said all of that though, there are things about 3 that I am loving - she says "I love you Mummy" all the time without being prompted (and that just melts my heart), she is becoming more independent and I am so proud of her for the things she can do, she has started singing in tune and will sit and make up songs, she plays in the most incredible and imaginative ways ... there are also so many wonderful things about 3 that I am loving. It is a pretty special year so far (she turned 3 in May this year).

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