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    Hi, would love to know how your little ones speech is going.. my little one has about 4words including muma and dada,. (not that he knows who is who- i dont think) would love to know what other bubs who are around 16mnths are saying.. thanks

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    Jack makes a lot of sounds which we think are words but definates that others know what he is saying are

    lo (hello)
    ta ta (bye)
    ta (thank you)

    he can say words if you repeat them to him over and over for example boat dog etc

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    My son will turn 16 mths in a couple of weeks and can only say mum dad, nan.

    His older two brothers have both done speech therapy so he'll probably follow suit.


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    My DD3 hardly said anything until she was 2 purely because her two older sisters spoke for her. No speech probs just didn't feel the need to say much. She is now 4.5 and speaks really well.

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    december , my ds is 15mths .. he has no words at all

    occasionally dadadadada or mum mum mum comes out ... but we have tried to see if he repeats us but he just doesnt ..

    OH but the only thing he does repeat is the cat meowing .... go figure

    ds is pretty well developed in other areas .. he is very co ordinated and can place a screwdriver directly on thescrew head and other meticulous tasks ...

    so i fugre the speech will come later ... .

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    makon at that age was saying mum dad mema(grandma) poppy nanna and made lots of animal sounds.
    'we' think he is very advanced even now at 2 he put whole sentences together knows opisite concepts (hot cold fast slow up down over under)he also is great with his fine motor skills he has had a lot of exposure though in his 2 yrs.

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    Jesse says:
    (He's almost 17 months)

    Hi Dee (not sure if this is him saying Hi Daddee as i use to always say to him say hi daddy, but he now says Hi Dee to everyone)
    Tee (for Thomas)
    Ooow Ooow (for Diego)
    Eeee (for Elmo)
    Aarrr (car)
    And he just copies other sounds we say at the time.

    But in saying this up until about a month ago his vocab consisited of mum, dad and hello. I was starting to get worried but it just seemed like over night one day he just woke up and started doing all these new things. He has only started waving too in the last 2 weeks.. still wont clap.. just dont think hes interested. He will clap my hands though, just not his own.
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    Ash doesn't have too many words but lately i have noticed her understanding has greatly increased so i know her words will eventually follow. I can ask her to do something or where is something and she knows what I mean.

    As for words she says dadda (for daddy and to sort of say 'whats that') ball, mumma, door, baby, (not all of these are clear as yet but we know what she means) i think she tries to say bottle, she makes lots different sounds and tries to imitate so i wonder often if she is saying something I just can't quite understand yet.

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    Our 16 month old DS says:

    "ta", "there" (dare) "mum", "daddy" all fairly often
    "more", "that" (dat), "car" and a few others occassionally

    I am wondering if he's behind with his speech but I'm not really worried as yet...I'll just keep trying to teach him words...

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