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    When can toddlers and children start eating spicy foods? I used to be a total chilli addict but when Yasin started eating with us I had to tone down the chilli. I'm getting a bit bored of bland non-chilli foods and putting chilli powder on after serving just doesn't taste the same.
    I'm sure that people from countries with firey cuisines cut out chilli until thier children are grown up. So when can I start to put a tiny bit of fire back in my food?

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    I serve up all foods as Dh & I would eat them & Maddy will say... "ooooh that is/was hot" but she still eats it.... Dh used to eat spicier food than now, but he had a severe case of indigestion & had been to a dr that said best to reduce the spicy food intake... I had to stop eating spicy (flavoured) foods when late into preg as i get severe heartburn, even from dry toast, but Indah drinks my milk & eat what i used to eat... She had some chicken from a homemade Indian butter chicken last week, no probs & she grabbed a handful of some Rice crackers that were sweet chili flavoured & kept going back for more recently....
    Perhaps serve some up to Yasin & see how he goes...?
    I know my niece & nephew iN bali eat whtever is cooked, so they eat spicy food all the time...
    I add some ketchup manis to Maddy's meal if she saus it's burning....

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    Don't know the answer to that, whether there is a good age, but maybe it is more a matter of taste, rather than chilli being bad for kids. Maybe you could try adding a bit more spice and see if Yasin likes it. You could set aside a portion without chilli added just in case he protests.

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    My kids have eaten what we eat since they started on solids. I just put more rice than curry, or add some yoghurt or even, if its very spicy, add some water. My husband is from an arabic background and I have become addicted to their food, lol. We have lots of spicy food and its delicious. Hhmmm, I'm starting to get hungry

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    I lived in Mexico for a while & love my spice. So with Matilda's food I actually increase the beans & rice amount & put a tiny amount of spicy meat with yogurt or something to tone it down for her, but she has had salsa and other spicy things since she was around 18 months. When we travelled in America some of the kids meals had the same salsa as the adult meals & she did fine with that. ATM actually she's fighting with DH over a tobasco bottle that she is tasting & saying "yummy" so we'll see how the nappy goes...

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    Thanks for your advice. I've tried adding a little bit of chilli and he loves it

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