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Thread: Spoon licence.

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Default Spoon licence.

    Our little bloke is 19 months now. He used to let us spoon feed him and that was so lovely and easy and he would eat a full meal.

    Then he wanted to try the spoon himself, so we used the good old 2 spoon method, one for him, and one for us so some food actually made it into his mouth.

    Now he usually refuses to allow us to handle a spoon, but when he brings the spoon to his mouth himself, he tips it over and it usually ends up in his lap!

    I know it'll pass, I've been through it all before, but it's so long I've forgotten how I handled it.

    How's everyone else's toddlers going with getting their spoon licence?

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    Melinda Guest


    Have you tried the Tommee Tippee Toddler Spoon and Fork? They have a funny shaped handle on them. It's meant to help with that kind of thing.

    Jacob's going through a lot of the same sort of thing ATM too. And he's determined to put the spoon in his mouth upside down as he sees DH do that when he eats dessert (DH has this 'thing' about always eating certain puddings etc by turning the spoon up the other way!).

    But we have found the little toddler fork and spoon to be pretty good - really easy for them to hold and he seems to be having a bit more success with that......

    Just an idea anyway!

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    Matilda now refuses to eat at all from us. so even if she's double spooned, she will shut her mouth if we try to feed her. so... she gets finger foods at all times & dinner is a meal that she gets everywhere. With dinner we dump her in the bath straight away so we strip her off before dinner & then go straight to the bath. She's eating less quantities atm, but doesn't seem too affected by it.

    She has yogurt & banana & cheerios for breakfast. Lunch is a sandwich and snack so crackers or vegemite crackers, cheese. and some vege sticks. Dinner is a meal so bolognese with veges grated in it, or vege pie etc. And her snacks are fruit bars, vege crackers, pikelets, etc....

    If she is tired its hopeless & she barely eats anything, so we are finding she has dinner really early & then snacks later. If she has dinner after 5.30pm she will eat barely anything... annoying, so I feed her really early & then when we are eating she gets things like plain pasta etc which wont mess her up post bath

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    Yasin is still on his L's but as often as possible I take him onto the patio or grass to eat so that I can just let the ants eat the mess if its only small or hose off any big mess. When we eat inside I usually feed him on the tiled area. Like Christy I just put him straight into the bath after his dinner so the mess is less of an issue. I've been using a bib but I might adapt the stripping off idea so I've got less laundry.

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    *Yvette* Guest


    Melinda we'll check out the Tommee Tippee gear & might give it a go.

    We always eat dinner around 5.30 anyway, & Angus goes for his bath not long after that. He will keep his bib on for us sometimes now, but ugh, the hands. And of course all over the high chair. We have the same issue with wanting to keep him clean after his bath. I try to hold off doing it as long as possible. If anyone's having desert, ice cream or anything, of course he wants some too.

    Last night he put a piece of tortelini on his spoon and made it to his mouth without spilling it, and we clapped and cheered, but he didn't like the sauce so out it came again & was flung to the floor! I'm a bit over him chucking everything on the floor

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    Melinda Guest


    Jacob throws everything on the floor as well Yvette!!! He's really into exploring his food too, so it gets put in his mouth, chewed, pulled out again, put back in etc etc LOL (not always, but every meal time he will do this at least once!). He will do this particularly if he wants to give food to himself rather than be fed by one of us, so we try to ensure that he has his own spoon/fork or something on the tray to feed himself with whilst we attempt to shovel things in LOL (this is of course assuming that he's allowing us to do this and not clamping his mouth shut or trying to knock the spoon out of our hands!)

    Is Angus pulling his bib off too? Jacob has worked out that he can do that also - very frustrating and messy!!! Certain ones he can't get off mind you, but others are way too easy for my liking LOL!

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