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    my DD has always had eczma on and off but only around the back of the neck and in arm and neck creases.

    now however, she seems to have had a break out and it is all over her tummy up to her neck and the same on her back! it is really itching and irritating her. this happened about 4 weeks ago and i put it down to being over heated/ hot weather cause i wash her clothes in baby napisan, we use QV wash in the bath and i had taken out dairy and given her soy and lactose free yoghurt. it got better by itself but now it is back worse than ever and i dont understand why.

    the other thing is, whenever i use moisturiser (QV) it gets worse not better. its like it gets wetter or oilier or something but it doesnt help it to clear up. is this really abnormal for eczma cause everthing i have read says to moisturise many times a day.

    i really dont know what i can do about this as i dont want to use the sigmacourt cream as it is now on a much larger body area and to tell you the truth it isnt really doing much this time anyway.
    i hate eczma!

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    It's awful isn't it. I put off going to the doctor until just recently but Izzy's just continually got worse and it was thick and crusty on her shoulders. She was always scratching at it too - and breaking the skin so I was worried about scarring and infection. I went and got a script for Cortisone cream and only had to use it for 3 days and it has completely cleared it up and now I can just use her moisturiser on it. I found the Keri moisturiser and Avado to the be best. LIke I said I really put it off for a while but if you can get away with using it just for a few days it might be worth it if it clears it up and you can go back to using a normal cream.

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