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    Hi all,
    Since last night our DD has been absolutely screaming and goes 'hyper' when we put her down to any sleeps, whether during the day or at night. She's never been a good sleeper, but this seems different. To make matters worse, she will not take the dummy anymore so we don't have an instant 'soother' for her. Also, she now hates her gro-bag. Nothing we seem to do makes her feel better. Not even picking her up or patting her (which up until yesterday worked on her??)...all she wants is to have the light on and to be entertained, even though you can tell she desperately needs sleep! I've checked for new teeth but nothing I can see. Poor thing is so distressed and sooo tired! I can't do the controlled crying thing so I'm really at a loss to know what to do. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks. PS: A few days ago I posted the thread about moving our 8month baby to a new room...needless to say, that hasn't happened yet!

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    I am wondering whether bubs is hot or uncomfortable? I don't really have any good advice. I just wanted to say I hear ya...and I hope someone has been through similar and can give you some ideas. I would definitely suggest maybe she is hot or a fan, or even putting the radio on.

    I know its taboo but if you lay down with her on your bed does she settle?

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    Thanks Jacqui...I thought that too, (especially since she's wearing a helmet for plagiocephaly), but that didn't seem to work either. She does have music on that usually sends her straight off to sleep, or my singing a particular lullaby, but even those didn't work. If I lay down with her she gets all excited and wants to play. My DH suggested we take her for a drive and we just got back. Yep, she fell asleep and I carefully carried her to bed. She's been sleeping since (20 mins now!) so maybe we're in luck! Thanks for your reply.

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    I don't think it's bad lying down next to your child to settle them. We do this all the time. DH settles our 15 month old every night by taking him into our bed and patting him to sleep... then we carry him to his cot where he sleeps at least until 3/4am or about twice a week until 7/8am. If he wakes we bring him back into our bed and I BF him back to sleep and then return him to his cot... or sometimes let him stay. Maybe I'm too selfish to stay up comforting him... i just want to stay in my nice warm bed... if that means bubs has to join me then so be it! everyones happy!

    You do what works... and what works changes all the time anyhow. We used this technique with our 4yo as well and now he is the easiest child to get to bed. I think the main thing is to keep your child feeling secure... then as they grow they will feel more secure NOT less secure which is the meaning behind the so called settling taboos. Many people think that if you allow your child to sleep in your bed that they won't want to leave it. Well our experience has proved that wrong wrong wrong! A child that feels secure as a baby is more likely to grow up to be a secure and thus more independent toddler. In the end most co-sleeping kids want their own space to sleep, safe in the knowledge that you will have them back if need be.

    I'm not sure what's up with your DD... it could be so many things... but keep offering her comfort and I'm sure it will pass

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    Spina could her ears be sore? Sometimes lying down with an ear infection makes it really painful....just a thought.

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