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Thread: Strawberries and Teddy bears before 12months

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    Default Strawberries and Teddy bears before 12months

    ok weird heading i know!.

    At daycare today ( my daughter has just started ) . I noticed she had a strawberry in her fruit salad and they also put her to bed with her teddy. Are either or these or both of these ok for a bubs who is only 10.5 months?.

    How do I approach this with them now...I feel like such a bad mum for not saying something about the strawberry then and there. And I also worry about if this sort of thing happens again ...just feeling like a sad mum leaving her baby with someone else I guess.


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    Okay, maybe this is a dumb question, but what's wrong with strawberries once they are on solids?! I wouldn't expect it to be a problem at all...

    I wouldn't worry too much about the teddy, unless it's very soft or large. The guidelines say 12 months, but I think that's reasonably flexible, and she's only a month off that anyway really. If you don't want them to do it again maybe just mention it next time she's there?

    Don't feel bad for worrying - that's what parents do! Of course you want the best for your baby

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    Cass, AFAIK berries are a common allergen and shouldn't be introduced until after 12 months. Its something to do with protiens and the immune system but I'm not sure of the exact science. Shannon did a great post about it a while ago but I couldn't find it.
    You shouldn't feel bad about not approaching the childcare center to discuss it immediately. I think most of us struggle not to be over-protective of our children and sometimes later we think that we should have raised our concerns on the spot. You need to feel comfortable about your daughter's care so when you drop her off next time maybe you could go in and say that you've thought it over and you're not comfortable with her eating strawberries at her age or having a teddy in the cot.

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    How about printing off the solids info & giving it to the day care? I found our day care was doing things that were against what WHO recommends so I printed off the info and said that was what I was doing with Matilda, and they followed it for her but not the others.

    ETA here's the post

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    I recently read in thE coles baby Mag that Strawberries are not a No no fruit... maybe 3 months ago or so.... You know how things change etc, it had an article from a paed saying it was not deemed a high allergy fruit...

    But Cass as I said in the other post if your uncomfortable with any of it, then just mention it!...

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