thread: taking pre-chewed food out of her mouth! Yuck

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    Dec 2007

    taking pre-chewed food out of her mouth! Yuck

    Hi My 11mo DD is taking food out of her mouth once it has been chewed up into a yucky mess. Is this a 'stage"? please say yes, cos she is putting the food everywhere and making a mess on herself, me and any object she can wipe her grubby hands on. She didn't do this before.I know food can be messy but....

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    Oct 2006
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    Sorry to tell you but I think it lasts a while, my DS has been doing this since he was around the same age and is now 15 months and still doing it!
    Messy I know but I think it's all to do with the learning stage!

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    Jul 2006

    DD1 used to do it all the time.....but more when i was watching her eat or asking her 'Is that yummy Chelsea?'...and she would try to offer it to me...ewww...

    The phase didnt last long though..maybe a month or 2!

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    Aug 2007

    Yep MJ does it too... she also lets it 'fall' out of her mouth by opening her mouth and letting it drop out.
    I do tend to find that she does this more when she is full, so when she starts playing i take away the food that she currently has (ie sandwich) and offer her something else - fruit usually, if this is also played with it is taken away as she has had enough.

    I guess they are just like us, sometimes i have had enough of my food, but can eat a bit of something else, but not much, other times she just isnt in the mood for that type of food, so i dont push it. She is not an overly picky eater though, will eat just about anything that u put in front of her!
    They dont really have any way of telliung us that they are full or dont want to eat that today. kwim


    ETA she also offers me food from her mouth, i just say no thanks thats Molly janes food and usually she will eat it herself again!