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Thread: Is there such a thing?

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    Yeah I have hidden it in a drink before but given its usually before bed I don't really want to give her a drink because then she wets heaps. She still wakes for BM through the night so she doesn't need more fluids.
    Never heard of the tablets... hmmmmm
    She isn't too bad atm so will keep all the suggestions in mind.


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    Tomme Tipee (spel?) have a "medication dummy" .. it is basically a dummy with a hole in the dummy part and a place for you to put liquid medication so that the medicine enters the dummy - I suppose the point is that they suck on the dummy and the medicine is deliveredright to the back of their throat and the sucking will make them swallow..

    Don't know if it works, I imagine it will only work if your child will take the dummy..

    You could also try being sneaky and give the panadol from a spoon - at least they won't see the syringe and get ready to spit it out..

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    I give Jesse Dymadon (exactly the same as Panadol) and its an orange flavour.. tastes like tic tacs. But i also give it to him on a spoon as he is just scared of the saringe and has been from an early age. You can also give panadol in a cup or water or juice if that helps.

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    FJ, I was going to suggest the teething tablets too, they're fantastic.
    About $14 for a little packet, you get about 125 tablets in it.
    They are homeopathic so completely natural. You place 2 or 3 tablets on their gums and they disolve instantly. So many parents swore by them when I worked in a day care centre, and i've used them on DD, and my nephews.

    With the panadol syringe, if you hold it in the back of their mouth and then leave it between their teeth for a little bit they can't close their mouth to spit it out and have to swallow it!

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