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    Default Toddler Bed?

    I'm thinking of buying a single bed for my 22 month old as I'm pg again and finding it hard to lay her in her cot (I'm a bit short so my belly digs into the rail). I have to hold her half way, then drop her in! He hee...


    Can anyone recommend a good single bed?????

    Many thanks!

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    I would recommend any bed to be honest.. A toddler bed has been great in my house. I got one for my son when he was 21 months and he has been using it for a year now.. Semi thinking it will soon be time for a bigger bed but still plenty of time left..

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    We are exploring options for when bubby arrives, and saw some great low toddler beds at Ikea that extend out to a normal single bed size from toddler size!!
    Good luck!

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    My younger two are 19months apart. We got the ikea toddler bed for DD#2.
    She has only just gone into it - now 26months old. TBH we're having a tough time with her sleeps ATM - she thinks its fun to get out of bed - whilst going to sleep, and very early in morning. Obv she couldnt do this in the cot. It would have been nice to have waited till she was a little older, like 2 1/2yrs, but DD#3 needed the cot.

    Have you thought about a normal single bed with the additional bed rail ??

    NB: Cot bed sheets, NOR single bed sheets actually fit a toddler bed , we get by, but i HATE that the sheets dont tuck in properly......

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    We got one from Target which is great, was easy to put together, takes a cot mattress and also cot sheets. DD doesn't climb out of it at all (I don't think she has realised that she can to be honest and I'm not going to tell her any different )

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