thread: Too much sleep?

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Too much sleep?

    Ok... I know some of you with babies that don't sleep all that well are going to want to throttle me but I am a little concerned.
    Yesterday, Gabby woke at about 8am. An hour later, she was grizzly and tired again (normally she'll last a couple of hours). So I put her to bed and she slept until 12pm. We went shopping and ran a couple of errands. By 3pm she was tired again. Then she slept until 8pm! Now... 5 hours is a little long for a nap imo. I only let her sleep because we have recently been away and her routine was thrown right out of wack.
    Do you think she is just catching up? Having a growth spurt?
    Because she slept so much yesterday, it meant that she dropped a bottle. She still slept through from 11pm-6:30am aswell.
    If she tries to sleep that long again today, I might wake her because I don't want her to miss a bottle again. Or do you think that's silly and I should just let her sleep?

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    I think it is a growth spurt, because Eliza is actually sleeping through the day, something she has never really been good at. She has been down now for 2hrs. Woke at 6am back down at 8:30. If she doesnt get it she is a grumpy little thing!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    Hi Deb

    Well if it was me i'd wake Gabby. I wake Jonah if he's asleep as I hate the thought of him missing a bottle, even if he's sleepy and only drinks a little of that bottle at least he's had something IYKWIM?

    But then again others might say let sleeping babies lie, in which case ignore me totally

    I guess really, go with what your instincts tell you, what's better than a mummy's instinct after all?

    Out of interest how many bottles is she having and what amount? Jonah is on 4 bottles at 240ml.

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    Jul 2004

    IMO you shouldn't wake a baby if they're sleeping But thats just me. If they're hungry they'll wake up. I don't wake Lily if she is asleep and misses a bottle becasue she gets most upset. So i just give it to her when she wakes up and a solid afterwards.

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    Tegan i think you meant to write you shouldnt wake a sleeping baby! I agree - ive been advised by a nurse and a paed that there is no need to wake a healthy baby that as tegan says they will wake when ready. Hendy is also going through a growth spurt at the moment and im just following his lead - i dont think it will last for long!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Bec G. - that's great that Eliza is sleeping better during the day. I hope she keeps it up. Gab is the same - she gets violent if I don't put her to bed, LOL.

    Bec - Gabby has 3 240ml bottles and 2 BFs a day. One of the BFs is more like a snack though. It's only the first morning BF that she actually has a decent feed. So she had 2 bottles and 2 BFs yesterday. She also had a fair bit of solid food (including baby cereal mixed with BM) so I guess I shouldn't stress too much. The little darling will probably not sleep at all during the day next week and I will wonder what I was worried about

    Tegan - yeah... I hate waking her. I only wake her if we have somewhere to be (like an appointment etc.). If I do wake her, she gets pretty grumpy much quicker than if I let her wake on her own.

    I put her down at 8:30am this morning and it's now 10am. I wonder if she's going to do another long stint?? Hmmm

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    Melody Guest

    Hi Deb, not sure if I will be of much help because this is something I REALLY struggle with.

    I actually wake Hunter to feed him quite often & try to coerce him into some sort of routine with feeding & sleeping. All I ever hear from anyone is "never wake a sleeping baby" so it plays on me heavily.

    Last night, while discussing this very issue, my dad said something really profound. His words were "in the end it matters little..... he won't know the difference in three days time. If something happens for three days running that doesn't seem to work then just change it"

    Easier said than done, I know, but you can't deny the logic. Maybe I just need to relax & if he misses a feed here & there then so be it. What is the worst that can happen if he is clean, safe, full & REALLY good to cuddle

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    Melinda Guest

    She may well be having a growth spurt, but the other thing is that perhaps she is really tired because she is changing her sleeping patterns perhaps??

    She may be at the age where she starts to alter things a little bit.......just a thought!

    How many sleeps a day does she normally have, and how long does she sleep at night (what time does she go to bed?).

    Just thinking out loud Deb, tell me to shut my cake-hole if you like! LOL

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Deb, Maddy is almost 7 & yet on W/ends will go to her room & play, but actually pops herself to bed & can sleep for 3-4 hours!

    I recall waking her once or twice for dinner as a 8 month old & having her scream down the house for 30mins as she was simply not ready to wake, after that I just let her sleep!
    But maddy could nap from 2-6pm, eat dinner, have a bath & go straight back to bed!!!

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    sorry no help here....

    Maybe a growth spurt :-k

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    BellyBelly Life Member

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    Hey Deb,

    I can distinctly remember that there were times when Aidyn was younger, where he had extra sleepy days/weeks, and he was just fine healthwise & otherwise..... I just attributed it to a growth spurt.
    Enjoy your extra free time whilst it lasts I say!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I would never tell you to shut your cake-hole, Melinda, LOL. What you are saying makes sense. Theoretically, Gabby has 3 naps a day. Pretty much up for 2 hours, down for 2 hours. However, now that she is sleeping longer than 2 hours, there's no room for another nap... yet, it's too early to put her to bed for the night by the time she is tired again (between 5-6pm most nights). So I put her to bed and have to wake her at about 8pm so that she can be given a bath and her last bottle. I reckon if I left her, she would sleep until 12am - and I don't fancy having to get up then to do the night-time ritual.
    I am hoping that soon she will be able to be awake for longer than 2 hours without getting tired and grizzly so that she can just have 2 naps a day and perhaps go to bed a little earlier (around 8pm would be nice).
    If her naps work out, I do put her to bed at 8pm. She still sleeps through until around 6-7am even though she is down a couple of hours earlier. However, it's only worked out this way a handful of times.

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    Mar 2004

    Hi Debbie,

    I was having a good think after reading your post, wanting my reply to be as helpful as possible! Maybe Gabby needs to go to bed earlier for her long night time sleep then her daily sleeping pattern will change to suit the time she went to sleep at night?

    The MCHN gave us a sleeping 'guide' when Aidan was born and it says (I will only quote the age group that applies to Gabby):

    Total number of hours sleep: 14
    Number if hours at night: 11
    Number of hours in the day: 3
    Number of daytime naps: 2-3

    Hope that helps.

    Maybe try waking her (just once to give it a try, I dont think it will hurt her!) so she doesnt sleep thru dinner (about 6pm?) then play for a few hours then bed about 8pm, she will hopefully sleep thru till 6amish then you can set yourself up for the day to be ready for dinner by 6pm again?

    Good luck, I'm sure whatever you do is best for Gabby.

    I look forward to hearing how it goes.

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    Mar 2004

    I just re-read your newest post and I just suggested pretty much what you are already trying to doing, so ignore the idiot! I think your 'ideal' routine sounds good, because we dont want Gabby demanding to watch Home and Away with you 2 years down the track! heehee.

    So, I guess I am saying personally, I would wake Aidan if it was on dinner time, any meal time in fact. I remember my MCHN saying always let a sleeping baby lie, unless its food time! If I have to wake Aidan, which isn't often, I always do it very gently, by going into his room and asking him if he is hungry, then checking on him and asking him again a few minutes later... nice and easy!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Thanks, Jess.
    Last night I put her to bed at 9pm and she slept through. I had to string her our from 5pm tho - she was over it!!
    Hopefully her naps will work out better today. She only slept for an hour for her morning nap (which I much prefer) and she is now down for her second nap of the day. Hopefully she will wake up around 2:30-3pm (if not, I will wake her) so she can be back down at 5pm, up at 7pm and back down for the night at around 9ish.

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    Melinda Guest

    How did it go today Deb?

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    Mar 2004


    That sounds good.

    Another thing I thought of was scrapping that evening nap maybe? The sheet the MCHN gave me also says they can start having only 2 naps from around 6 months? Of course, it is a guide only, but it may help? So Gabby would wake around 7am, back down for nap around 9am, lunch around 12noon, nap again around 2pm, dinner around 5-6pm then bed around 7pm? I guess thats easy for me to say as Aidan is 3months older but he has been doing roughly that routine for some time now and he pretty much just fell into it.

    Good luck!

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    Melinda Guest

    That crossed my mind too Jess, if perhaps Gabby missed that last sleep and then went down to bed a bit earlier.......

    But I guess you have to go with what suits the family and baby best. I hope that everything has been travelling well for you over the past couple of days Deb!