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    Hello every one. I'm a new mum having a 2 weeks old baby boy. I want him to be circumcised soon, cuz I was told that it would be healed sooner and it is less painful. I live in sydney and looking for a pediatrician to do this (plastibel). If anyone knows a professional Dr. please let me know. Any info is highly appreciated. BTW I've heard of Dr. Peter Bell and Dr. Anthony Dilley. Does anyone know anything about them? what's your idea about these two? thanx in advance

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    i dont know of those two surgeons, so I cant help you on that one.
    Hopefully someone from Syd. will be able to help you out though or point to at a Dr who can help you
    There are conflicting arguments regarding the issue of how painful it is though. Many drs prefer to do it at/after 6 months with a general anaesthetic, unless its for religious reasons where there is a specific time frame.

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    Rayray, I think the OP might be talking about the plastibell method which is generally considered far less traumatic, and is best done in the first few weeks. I am not in sydney, but try googling it - you should be able to find some info that way. Best of luck.

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