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    Default water bottle?

    hi my DS wont drink water out of a sipper cup but will out of a bottle.
    My question is... can he use the same bottle all day? Or should I wash it after every use? At the moment he has water about 4 times a day, after meals mostly but I try him in the arvo cos it has been hot! This means I am washing a lot of bottles every day Its driving me nuts.
    If it was a sipper cup I would probably just change the water not wash the cup.
    I guess I just want to know if its hygenic or not!
    Any help would be great
    Take care everyone

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    I would assume if it is just water then it is safe to use the same bottle all day. I doubt it would be any different to a sippy cup with a silicone teat. If you're worried maybe store it in the fridge between uses.

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    I was gonna suggest exactly what TRISH mention as that is exactly what I do

    ... My daughter has never been ill from it

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    I let Claire have the same bottle all day. She actually uses one of those cups with the straw. I just make sure I wash it at the end of the day as it does get a bit grotty sometimes. I think its fine to use it all day.

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    I'd think its fine not to wash it every time. Maybe you should try different types of cup - DS didn't 'get' the hard spouted cups until after he turned one, but he could drink from a straw cup and a soft spouted one at about 7 -8 months.

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