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Thread: What do you do all day?

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    Default What do you do all day?

    Just after some ideas of different things for Abby and I to do during the day... We get bored doing the same things everyday and wanna spice things up a bit!

    What do you do with your baby? do you have a set play routine? do you do different things on different days? (like park on monday, library on tuesday etc)

    Any ideas would be great!!


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    I don't know if this will help but I'll give you the basic run-down of an average week for us - DS is 14 months old.

    Sunday: church, lunch out, weekly grocery shopping - then home late in the afternoon, play-time, dinner and bedtime routine

    Monday: playgroup 10am-12pm, home for nap, trip to the park in the afternoon

    Tuesday: work day (we join DH at his office from approx 10am until approx 5pm)

    Wednesday: home day or visiting day depending on our moods

    Thursday: office day again

    Friday: mother's group

    Saturday: morning trip to the library and an indoor play structure, then home for lunch and nap, afternoon trip to the park

    DS is VERY active so I try to take him for a walk or a trip to a park (there are 3 close to our house) every day. Needless to say DH is starting to shop around for outdoor play structures for the backyard!

    I hope this helps...

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    Mornings, we go out.

    Monday is coffee morning, Tuesday to town (just for the walk, not always to shop!), Wednesday somewhere new to walk, Thursday coffee morning, Friday to the baby cafe to socialise, Saturday short walk around the village, Sunday to Church. As you can see, this suits us both!

    Afternoons, we play.

    Play involves tummy time, tickling DS on his back, reading his books, bouncing on my knee, dancing, using toys and rattles (well, me coaxing DS to touch them) and talking to each other. Wednesday afternoons is Rainbow club, where DS plays next to other babbies, and Saturday afternoon Mummy and Daddy usually go for a long walk, with Daddy in charge of the pram/baby carrier. Sometimes we have visitors in afternoons.

    Evenings, Daddy plays (shows DS the fish tank and says "Daddy" a lot, wonder what DH wants the first word to be!), then bath-time, then feed and the very hungry caterpillar read, then bed (then crying so Mummy rocks/feeds/sings to sleep).

    Naps are usually around lunhtime and dinnertime, plus there's some sitting in his chair and watching the world go by, like when I'm cleaning/showering/washing up/sorting clothes. Or when my back starts to hurt!

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    Sit on my a$$ lol no..

    We just go week by week.. i plan to meet up with friends and their kiddies most weeks, other wise we go to the shops or have days at home in our pj's.

    Sorry im not much help

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    I have 2 girls Madison who is nearly 2 1/2 and Charlotte who is nealy 9 months.

    Monday- young mums group 1-3pm
    Tuesdays - madison goes to childcare
    wednesdays- mothers group mornings
    Thursday - daddy is home shopping etc.
    Friday- home
    Saturday- daddy is home
    Sunday either home or we go visiting.

    Charlotte has 2 sleeps morning and afternoon and Madison has 1 midday. The rest of the time, we play on the floor, Madison watch's ABC or Wiggles etc. We really don't do that much, but the day goes fast.

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    Monday we stay home
    Tuesday is Kimberley's kindy day and Alex will start dance classes
    Wednesday we stay home or go to shops or catch up with friends
    Thursday is kindy day so i may catch up with friends so Alex has other kids to play with but most times we come home as he loves it being quiet.
    Friday Catch up with friends and i weigh in at weight watchers
    Saturday go for long walk and play in the park
    Sunday the same as Saturday if we can.

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    Having older kids, we are kept quite busy, so Mon - Thursday is the kindy run in the mornings. On Mon and Wed we stay at the kindy and attend playgroup. In the afternoon I let them do their own things, Kameron is usually exhausted from Kindy and all the running around he has done there so he will sit quietly and play with cars or watch a movie, and Lachlan will either annoy him LOL or jump on the PC for a little while and play games on the ABC Kids website while I do a quick tidy up from the morning mess.

    Friday is the only day where we don't have to go anywhere or do anything, and we are enjoying it while we can as in 12wks Kameron will start school so we will be out of the house each morning 5 days a week instead of 4


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    Monday - Washing day usually, which means lots of outside play, usually the trampoline, bubbles, water play in hot weather. Maybe some cooking or drawing.

    Tuesday - 10am is park with Piper (his best friend) for a few hours and most weeks posting for the shop, then home for a big rest! Usually drawing or something quiet afterwards then dinner at Granma's house.

    Wednesday - We have gymnastics in the morning, then we do our groceries. While out we have lunch together at the shops. Zander usually has his sleep late due to us being out & we do quiet activities in the afternoon.

    Thursday - Nothing planned, so whatever we think of! Can include cooking, painting, drawing, playing with cars, dancing, cleaning, bike riding.... Just about anything. We have dinner at Granny's house each week too.

    Friday - We drive into work, then Zander comes home with Granma for the day. They might go to the park, the beach, stay home, whatever.....

    Saturday - Until 1pm is daddy time while I'm at work, then we might go to the shops for a wander or hang out at home. Most Saturdays we visit or have people over on the evening.

    Sunday - Our family day, we might go on a picnic or a drive somewhere.

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    We don't really have set days, unless we go to story time which is either Tuesday or Thursday.

    Thursdays we usually catch up with a girlfriend (same person each Thursday).

    Most days we either do some shopping, go to the park, paint/draw/playdough.

    DS starts kinder next year, so decided to make this year a bit 'as it comes' before routine and structure kick in next year!

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    Mackenzie will be 3 in June but we pretty much do the same as we always have

    Mondays is cleaning day - she loves it, I give her a cloth and she follows me around, and we usually do our washing then so we play outside inbetween loads, picking flowers, playing chasey, playing on her swings/sandpit etc. Our groceries are also delivered on
    Monday mornings so she love helping put those away.

    Tuesdays -we finish off any cleaning we haven't done the day before and generally play and she also loves to cook so we make a cake of something like that - get loads of receipes off the internet - i just have a look around and see what we have loads of (ripe bananas at the moment!) and then look for something we can make out of that.

    Wednesday - We have Gymbaroo so we go to the bakery before hand and grab a roll for lunch then have Gymbaroo and then home for more play

    Thursday - Playgroup - we leave home at 11am and ususally get home around 2.45pm. She ususally falls asleep in the car so I let her sleep for an hour and then get her up otherwise she will be up until midnight!

    Friday - We visit a friend up the road who has a 5 year old and 18month old twins.

    Saturday is swimming and of course dad is home so that's a bonus and Sundays we always try and do something 'family' like the park with a picnic or a free event etc

    We do loads of paintings, craft, drawing, playdough, dancing (she loves Robbie Williams - that's my girl),chalk drawing on the concrete, riding her bike, walks, hide and seek and reading. Needless to say we don't really get that much done during the week. I'm hoping that we can still fit a lot of this in when number 2 arrives in July.

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