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Thread: What does everyone think about those toddler harnesses?

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    Of course it doesnt! And don't let anyone make you think you are less of a parent. You are trying to do the best by your child, thats all that matters!

    And don't worry you didn't cause any trouble for Soul we just got muddled up but we sorted it out

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    I'm definitely all for them if your little munchkin is a runner. I have a beautiful blue eyed, fair haired daughter and there is absolutely no way I am going to risk her getting away from me in a busy shopping centre so that she is at risk of some sick individual taking her. There are far worse things that could happen to my daughter than her being hit by a car and killed, and I think that a harness of some kind is a great way to ensure you are keeping your child as safe as possible. I've had the unfortunate experience of working in criminal law for a number of years, and having had far too much knowledge of just how some people out there think. If the only thing available to me was a dog collar and leash, and my daughter is a naughty minx, then I would use it.

    Cailin, Caro and Sarah - great idea about the hands on car/mummy. Will definitely be using that one!

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    I love the harnesses.. I have a teddy one for Jack and he just loves it and asks for it to be put on!!!

    We used to just put it on him at home, for a bit until he got used to it...

    And he is a bolter and when I'm busy with Toby, I know I can have him with me and not able to run off..

    And I so agree, rather have a harness than a dead baby!!

    And when Jack is old enough then I will use it on Toby..

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    My girls are really good so i don't need to use one... However if I felt that they are at risk in any way I wouldn't hesitate to use one... I would think of then as an extra hand.
    As a teen I saw them as a 'dog lead', that was before I had more than one child to watch. I would hate to lose my ability to have outings with the kids (even if that were to be just grocery shopping) just because I feared my child/children would run away from me.
    I think if you feel you may need to use one to keep you child safe as well as keep your independence, than get one, don't worry about what other ppl think or say.


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