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Thread: What naughty things does your toddler get up to?

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    near the water


    Eliza likes to put things in the toilet too she gives herself away by happily clapping her achievements. She climbs from coffee table and couch and likes to slide off the edge and clap. She is a DVD freak but often sticks the CD's in the Video and yes claps. Fridge walking around with tubs of butter and capsicums biting them....oohh who am I kidding most things she does is naugty

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    I don't have kids, but just reading these stories are making me giggle... it may change alan's mind about having kids LOL...

    Oh I look forward to it though!

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    Bonnie Doon


    We all have such cheeky bubbas! Louis gets into the rubbish bin and likes to eat the banana peels...gross!
    He has started running away from me in the shops when he sees something exciting....
    He's not tooo bad but I'm sure he will continue to get worse! hehehe.
    Oh yeah and throwing everything off the highchair - the thing is he says uhoh before he throws it! so it's all premeditated!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Ok here's a list of things Jonah has done or does do:

    Drew on the wall with pencil.
    Tipped the cat water all over the floor.
    Put his hand in the wet cat food and squished it between his fingers.
    Broke a brand new jar of dijon mustard trying to take it off the bench to hold, it smashed on the floor instead.
    Loves to close doors and locked me outside one day and held melbel and Sammi's Caleb hostage in Mel's bathroom.
    Takes nappies out of the nappy stacker and throws them all over the floor.
    Presses buttons on the remotes/t.v/video/dvd player/security alarm remote/phones etc.
    Pulls DVDs and books off the shelves.
    Gets into the wipes and pulls them to bits.

    I'm sure I could name more but I think that gives you a fair idea of all the mischief he gets into, lol.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Hehehe... nordy little Jonah.

    Gab likes to pull everything out of her bookshelf... and I mean everything. She's now tall enough to reach the highest shelf where I keep her nice books. Looks like they'll have to be moved to a higher place until she's old enough to know not to destroy them!

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    CaughtGypsy Guest


    What a great read!

    Will pulls all of the tissues out of the tissue box and then stuffs them back in pretending he hasn't done anything at all. He is also a climber and we can't keep in his pram or his car seat ( an obvious worry) - we got stuck on the side of the road comming home from Canberra to Sydney for 30 mins one night until he would stay in the thing!

    What would we do without them? :eek:

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