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Thread: What sippy cup do you use?

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    Default What sippy cup do you use?

    I am after a good sippy cup, I got a Safety First one with a screw top lid, that the baby has to suck up, from a bounty bag and love it!!!! I bought a Tommee Tippee one, with similiar features, and Liam cannot get anything from it and it was $15.00!!!! I tried sucking up some water and found it very difficult.

    I have looked for the Safety First one and have not found it, before spending another $15.00 again, do you have any reccomendations?

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    I used and still do occassionally when I am being lazy and don't want spillage the avent sippy cups, purely because the spouts are a) spill proof and b) they go by age, so the the smaller they are the less holes etc etc. They are expensive but they are easy to clean, the valves come apart easily and if you don't have a dishwasher don't take 3 years to clean, which I found with other sippy cups prior to the dishwasher. Paris has a tommee tippee sippy cup beside her bed at night with water in it purely so she doesn't spill it. But I daresay in a few months we will replace it with a pop top I have just been too lazy LOL! She can drink out of cups and she does if its dinner time etc or if we are at other people's houses, but if she's at home and I can't be bothered she'll have a pop top or her avent cup. When I was a teen I remember meg mog cups being all the rave as they had interchangable tops so that it could go from sippy to straw to something else as they grew, but I haven't seen them in agggggges. I do like the heinz ones but I find the valve gets hard to clean after a while, and I try to stear clear of hard to clean valves (so they don't get tummy bugs etc).



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    I have found some sippy cups have a rubber thing that goes in the holes on the underneath side of the lid. but anyway I remove that and liquid comes out much easier. It is like a plug type thingo

    Love :hbeat:

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    Unfortunately on the Tomme Tippe cup, that plugy thing cant be removed , it is part of the lid.

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    We used the magmag cup. It has three stages. A spout for 6-12mths, straw for 12 - 24mths and the open cup attachement. We have really found this value for money. They are not ment to leak but we have found that as the temp of the water changes it can syfin(sp) out. ds still uses this cup and we will use it for dd too.

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