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Thread: What is sleeping through?

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    I agree with those girls who stated sleeping through is when you don't have to get up - 7 to 7! I had to wait 10 months and it was bliss!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flea View Post
    My definition of "Sleeping through" means I get 8 hours of unbroken sleep. Which at this rate will not happen until he's 20.
    it will happen when he hits the dont wanna go to school age lol dont despair

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    Fee Guest


    To me sleeping through means about 6.30 pm all the way through to at least 5.00 am. This is what Cooper does. I've read the 5 hour thing too but I think that's just silly! I think it's from when they go to sleep at bed time until a decent hour of the morning.

    He first did it at 9 weeks but didn't do it continuously until 4.5 months old. But he's had periods where it's all gone out the window (a big one from about 6-8 months). He's back to "normal" for now!

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