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Thread: What time is sleep time??

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    Default What time is sleep time??

    I am trying to work out what time I should be putting Tori to sleep at night time. I have been giving her her last feed at about 7pm and then she goes straight to sleep in her cot. She then doesn't wake until about 3am for a night feed.

    What time did others put there baby to sleep when they were around Tori's age (7 weeks). I should remember, but Charli is nearly 2 years old now and it seems like an eternity since she was a little baby LOL!!

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    Since she was about 1 week old Tori has gone to bed bed between 7 & 8, and now we are in a really good routine. She has a bath/ shower about 6:30 ish (when we have finished dinner) then we put her in her pj's have a little play, feed her and off to bed. She knows the routine so well now that if we need to go out we just do the routine earlier and she still goes down for her night sleep, and it means I can go out and leave her with my mum and dad knowing that she will sleep till I get back.

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    Milo never settled down to a proper bedtime til about 5 months, at which point his last feed was 7pm and we goes to bed after that.

    Prior to that he would cluster feed from about 5pm - 9/10, then sleep through to 5 or 6am.

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest


    gee, i think everyone is different. My DH gets up early 5.45am to walk the dog, so she wakes up with him and they go out together (he returns her to me at 7.45am). Hence I have a hard time keeping ally up past 6pm as her day starts at 6am with a very stimulating walk outside. do whatever suits your lifestyle. Mornings are teh only time DH gets to spend with her, so early bed early mornings work for us.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is each family is different, so I think you need to work out what best suits you all.... But no later than 8pm I would say, or you start to get into trouble when they need to do things the next day or when they need to get up early to start school.

    good luck!

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    littlerigger Guest


    Ryan has been Bath at 6:30, feed, bed by 7:30 since about 5 weeks. We're now moving it back to Bath at 7 - Daylight savings & I'm returning to work so this is the most time we will get with him in the evenings. But it has always worked for us and 9 times out of 10 he sleeps through til 5:03 or 6 am.

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    Seth was really late and got earlier and now he's in bed between 7:30 and 8 pm.

    I think everyone is different, just as no two adults are the same when it comes to sleep you'll find the same with babies Take it as it comes.


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    Zander was going to bed at about 11pm at that age, but has slowly slowly gone down to be in bed at around 7.30pm now.

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    abs Guest


    Jordy has been a consistent 5-6pm down for the count for months - we've tried keeping him up but it doesn't work. He'll pass out in our arms if we tried

    Of course he's then up at 5amish - occasionally 5.30, and back to bed 2hrs later

    Roll on daylight savings

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    Think I am doing it all wrong then - Rylee has a fairly routine day - 3 to 4 hourly feeds and good sleeps then it gets to 5 pm and it all goes wrong - lots of crying, unsettledness etc, then we end up giving her a bath about 10 pm, then feed and bedtime - she usually wakes up about 2.30/3 am then again at 7 am - maybe I should try the bath routine alot earlier in the evening...will give it a go tonight see if it makes a difference.


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    Cath78 Guest


    I've read about the 7pm train and that you don't want to miss it! Chloe was going to bed between 6 & 7 at that age depending on the last feed as she was a feed / play /sleep routine at that stage. Therefore the past feeds and sleeps dictated when that last feed of the day would happen IYKWIM? I found though that by 3 months or so she was really regular with her feeds and sleeps and was going to bed at 7. While we are on the subject I've also read that keeping them up late doesn't make them sleep any longer. I've tried this when we have been out for dinner etc. and she still wakes up at the same time.

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    I just follow Cooper's lead basically. He has shown that 5-6pm is his bed time. If I give him a feed at this time and put him to sleep he won't wake up until 8-10 hours later.

    So that's his bedtime!

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